Full Album Reviews

Below are selections of our full album reviews by artists from around the globe, listed in reverse chronological order of the dates we reviewed each album.

Victor Wainwright and the TrainJuly 28, 2020

Piano aficionado Victor Wainwright combined his boogie-woogie style with the excellent musicianship of his new group The Train. In March 2018, the group released their debut album Victor Wainwright and the Train.

Victor Wainwright and the Train album review

Follow by Molly MaherJuly 10, 2020

Released in June 2020, Follow is a unique and deliberative album by Minnesota’s Molly Maher. This album fuses a core country-folk-Americana sound with elements of rock, jazz and a Latin style influenced by an extended trip to Mexico.

Follow album review

The Good Guys by Sinclair SoulJune 23, 2020

The Good Guys is the third album of original music by Pennsylvania-based Sinclair Soul. This 2019 album features generous musicianship from several guest performers, delivering a country-flavored folk/rock gem to close out the decade.

The Good Guys album review

American Pleasure DomeJanuary 22, 2020

Minneapolis based American Pleasure Dome is a project spearheaded by songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Hans Schumacher. In November 2019, the self-titled debut album was released, featuring a dozen songs of melodic indie-style rock.

American Pleasure Dome album review

Oceans by Shannon MarsyadaNovember 19, 2019

The third album by Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Shannon Marsyada, Oceans features original songs made of piano ballads and richly produced pop tracks, recorded by an ensemble of talented producers and musicians at various locations.

Oceans album review

Social Media Anxiety Disorder by Dan IsraelSeptember 30, 2019

Social Media Anxiety Disorder is the 15th overall studio album by Minnesota folk rocker and composer Dan Israel and it tackles prominent cultural issues thematically while featuring pleasant and pristine music arrangements and top-notch production.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder album review

Steady Heart by Vicky EmersonMay 12, 2019

The fourth album by Vicky Emerson, 2019’s Steady Heart features the artist stepping up to assume sole production duties for the first time and with stellar success. Emerson’s music finds a nice niche somewhere between country and Americana and the songs themselves seem to at once contain good movement and yet show restraint from unnecessary flourishes.

Steady Heart album review

Anthem of the Peaceful Army by Greta Van FleetNovember 15, 2018

Greta Van Fleet is a young rock group from Michigan who have released their debut LP. Anthem of the Peaceful Army. The group’s sound is heavily based in hard rock from the sixties and seventies with many comparing them groups such as Led Zeppelin.

Anthem of the Peaceful Army album review

Egypt Station by Paul McCartneySeptember 7, 2018

Music legend Paul McCartney released his 17th solo album called Egypt Station. We have a guest album review by Scott Erickson, a professional musician from Central Pennsylvania.

Egypt Station album review

Talk to Me by The ComplaintsAugust 31, 2018

The fourth full-length album by Rhode Island based modern rock band The Complaints, Talk to Me is a well produced album that nicely showcases the trio’s sound.

Talk to Me album review

Break It Down by Dustin Douglas and the Electric GentlemanMay 22, 2018

Quickly becoming known as the hardest working group in Pennsylvania, the blues/rock power trio Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen have returned with a solid sophomore LP entitled Break It Down which breaks new ground and expands on their core sound.
Break It Down album review

Chills and Fever by Samantha FishApril 28, 2018

Samantha Fish‘s fifth album, Chills & Fever features reinterpreted versions of Motown, Soul and R&B songs from the 1960s and 1970s. This was a completely different musical approach than any of her previous albums in both musical genre and instrumental arrangement, as her vocals take on an increasing level of importance.
Chills & Fever and Samantha Fish profile

Belle of the West by Samantha FishApril 28, 2018

Released in November 2017, Belle of the West saw Samantha Fish go to Northern Mississippi with producer Luther Dickinson and a completely new crop of backing musicians, as Fish takes another sharp musical turn with a rootsy, acoustic-driven album of mainly original compositions.

Belle of the West and Samantha Fish profile

Ride or Die by Devon AllmanMarch 8, 2018

Devon Allman‘s third solo album, Ride or Die is a strong musical statement which blends his raw, blues-rock talent with some refined production, song arrangements, and pop craftsmanship. The result is a confident and entertaining record which marks the high point of Allman’s career so far.

Ride or Die album review

Wild Change by KaloNovember 20, 2017

Wild Change is at once a diverse and entertaining album by the blues/rock trio KALO. With solid production and performances throughout, this provides an immediate and interesting listening experience.

Wild Change album review

Beautiful Mire by The River JestersJune 14, 2017

The River Jesters make the most of their economy of lyrical depth, executing each moment through sheer dynamics and performance ability on their debut album, Beautiful Mire.

Beautiful Mire album review

Color Sound Renew Revive by Cranford HollowMay 17, 2017

A Southern rock band with a truly original approach, the South Carolina based quintet Cranford Hollow seems to have found their niche with their fifth album, 2016’s Color/Sound/Renew/Revive.

Color/Sound/Renew/Revive album review

Galaxies by Aaron FinkApril 2, 2017

The third solo record by seasoned rock veteran Aaron Fink, Galaxies is a 2017 release which features rich and entertaining tunes presented with much diverse rock n’ roll flavoring.

Galaxies album review

Hindsight by Patrick JosephMarch 19, 2017

As a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, an producer, Patrick Joseph defines the essence of an independent performer. His 2016 release, Hindsight features a mix of new music and re-interpretations of songs from his previous two LPs.

Hindsight album review

Breaking the Script by The NovelistsDecember 18, 2016

Breaking the Script is a 24-song, double-length album from Reno, Nevada’s rock/jazz quartet, The Novelists. Here, the group combines folk-like story telling lyrics with magnificent multi-part harmonies, layers of instrumentation and rich production

Breaking the Script album review

The Power of Music by Joe BouchardSeptember 21, 2016

Former Blue Oyster Cult bassist Joe Bouchard has released his fourth solo album called The Power of Music, an album which is at once a tribute to Bouchard’s talent and reach as well as a nod back to the unique style of hard rock by the band he co-founded and played with throughout their prime years in the seventies and eighties.

The Power of Music album review

Tactics 1-12 by Winstons DogSeptember 14, 2016

A hard rock band from suburban Philadelphia, Winston’s Dog has been playing in one form or another since the late 1990s. On their latest album, Tactics 1-2, the group forges melodic, guitar-driven rock in a richly layered style of alternative with impressionistic lyrics.

Tactics 1-12 album review

Stationary Sun by The StollersAugust 21, 2016

After decades of performing and composing in various incarnations The Stollers, brother musicians from New York City, have finally released their debut album with 2015’s Stationary Sun. The album is a interesting and diverse musical experience.

Stationary Sun album review

Nobody Gives a Damn by Owen SartoriAugust 15, 2016

Producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Owen Sartori has several of experience in the music industry and his latest effort, Nobody Gives a Damn, is in part a critique of that industry. Musically and melodically this album is solid from beginning to end.

Nobody Gives a Damn album review

Strange-a'-DelicJuly 25, 2016

The sound forged by the German rock group, Strange-a’-Delic, is greatly influenced by the blues and psychedelic of the 60s and the 70s, along with their own distinct style. on their self-titled debut album, the band strives to remain true to their musical origins while making every song distinct and personal in its own way.

Strange-a’-Delic album review

Disconnected by AirbagJune 24, 2016

Disconnected is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian prog rock band Airbag and it features richly layered extended tracks which are each delivered in a measured and methodical way. Lyrically, the album explores a common theme of alienation between the individual and society.

Disconnected album review

Noise, Vibrations and Fumes by The Bitter RootsJune 14, 2016

The Bitter Roots are a power trio which combines strong hard rock music with quirky lyrics and themes. Noise, Vibrations and Fumes brings together all these elements in a solid and cohesive record which is interesting from end to end.

Noise, Vibrations and Fumes album review

Rain and Laura by WylderMay 23, 2016

Rain and Laura is the debut LP from indie-pop/folk-rock band Wylder. A concept album which documents a year of a deteriorating relationship, the music is warm and melancholy and perfectly expresses the cinematic emotions of the lyrical theme.

Rain and Laura album review

Disappearing In Airports by CandleboxApril 22, 2016

With a fresh lineup and a fresh musical approach, Candlebox has produced a fine sixth studio album with Disappearing In Airports. This record features philosophical and introspective lyrics to accompany well-crafted and subtle pop/rock musical arrangements.

Disappearing In Airports album review

Electric Friends by Brave BabyApril 15, 2016

Brave Baby features a distinct blend of pop, rock and psychedelic on their 2015 album Electric Friends. This second LP by the quintet was self-produced at the band’s independent studio in Charleston, South Carolina.

Electric Friends album review

Daze by The Cordial SinsMarch 23, 2016

The Ohio-based group The Cordial Sins has forged a unique sound with elements of alternative, funk, blues, and dream pop. Their full length debut, Daze, is a solid effort filled with pleasant and melodic compositions and presented with top-notch production.

Daze album review

Love Lost for Blood Lust by BobgoblinMarch 13, 2016

After an extended hiatus which included a group name and style change, post-punk rock trio Bobgoblin returned with the 2015 album Love Lost for Blood Lust. The album features songs with a potent social message wrapped in pleasant and accessible power pop music.

Love Lost for Blood Lust album review

Early Risers by Soldiers of FortuneFebruary 17, 2016

Early Risers is an album made mostly from a collection of spontaneous jams by a roomful of talented musicians, who call themselves Soldiers of Fortune. The finished product is neither perfect nor polished but, in a way. that is what really makes it worth hearing.

Early Risers album review

Blackstar by David BowieJanuary 24, 2016

David Bowie‘s 25th and final album is a beautifully haunting collection of songs composed when the artist was well aware of his coming demise. These songs range from artistic Avant Garde to accessible and melodic pop which have worked to make Blackstar an instant classic and phenomenal commercial success.

Blackstar album review

And the War Came by Shakey GravesDecember 30, 2015

Shakey Graves released an impressive diverse third album with And the War Came. Here, the one-man acoustic show of Alejandro Rose-Garcia is expanded upon with richer musical arrangements, strong compositions, and some harmonized vocals.

And the War Came album review

Above the Sweet Tea Line by Jeremy Porter and the TucosDecember 13, 2015

Detroit rockers Jeremy Porter and the Tucos have released an entertaining and impressive sophomore album called Above the Sweet Tea Line. The music here fuses various styles with a tight rock core and features solid production and strong compositions throughout.

Above the Sweet Tea Line album review

Tales of the Aftermath by Courtney ChambersNovember 19, 2015

While it was some eight years in the making, Tales from the Aftermath may be an instant classic in 2015 for Courtney Chambers. Here, he compositions are solid, the production and arrangements inventive and Chambers sets her voice at center stage, finding the perfect vocal expression suitable for each theme.

Tales from the Aftermath album review

Mother of Illusion by The TrousersOctober 27, 2015

Mother or Illusion is the fourth LP by Hungarian band The Trousers and features a straight-forward hard rock approach from beginning to end with some lyrical themes which inspiration from both cultural references and real life experiences.

Mother of Illusion album review

Abstract Heart by Zervas and PepperOctober 18, 2015

Abstract Heart by Welsh duo Zervas & Pepper is an exquisite folk-rock based album with introspective lyrics about spirituality, mortality and the human condition. Not a single note or lyric of this sonic masterpiece has the feeling of being contrived or forced.

Abstract Heart album review

Beneath the Waves by Distant LightsSeptember 20, 2015

For their third album, Distant Lights decided to strip down their sound and simplify their compositions. The result is the fine acoustic album, Beneath the Waves, which explores a whole new dimension of the group’s sound.

Beneath the Waves album review

The Steppin StonesSeptember 10, 2015

Led by 18-year-old guitarist and lead vocalist Hannah Wicklund, The Steppin’ Stones have released an incredibly mature and sophisticated self-titled album full of bluesy grit and melodic compositions.

The Steppin’ Stones album review

The Black Sky Sequined by ColorwayAugust 29, 2015

Colorway‘s second album, The Black Sky Sequined, showcases the Massachusetts-based trio at their finest as a fine-produced collection of melodic songs, expertly produced and arranged.

The Black Sky Sequined album review

This Is It by Michael ShawJuly 13, 2015

Filled with rich compositions and lush arrangements reminiscent of the theatrical rock of the seventies, This Is It is an impressive debut by the California-based rock group called An Intimate Evening with Michael Shaw.

This Is It album review

Knuckle Sandwich by The MelataunsJune 28, 2015

Using a whole bunch of authentic, working musicians from New Orleans’ rich music scene, Knuckle Sandwich by The Melatauns is full of rich music with diverse styles ranging from blues to free-form jazz to new wave pop/rock.

Knuckle Sandwich album review

Crysis by Modest MidgetJune 11, 2015

The second studio album by Dutch act Modest Midget, the quasi-concept album Crysis features solid compositions, exquisite production, as well as a plethora of diverse musical styles and moods.

Crysis album review

Grass Routes by KingwhistlerMay 17, 2015

Although credited to the “group” Kingwhistler, the 2014 Grass Routes was fully conceived by composer, vocalist and musician Nick Aliberti. The album is an upbeat, retro sounding piece, utilizing many rock and roots sub-genres and designed in the effect of an American road trip.

Grass Routes review

King For a Night by Guido MarzoratiApril 17, 2015

King For a Night by Guido Marzorati & the Blugos is an album filled with rich and diverse music that is exquisitely produced. The mixture of songs flows nicely from those with pop/rock flair and showmanship to those influenced heavily by Country, folk and Americana.

King For a Night review

From Now On by AzwelApril 9, 2015

Azwel is a one man project of eclectic music produced by Jason Perrillo. The latest release, 2014’s From Now On, is a solid album of rich and entertaining compositions.

From Now On review

Pandemonium by Moors and McCumberMarch 23, 2015

Moors and McCumber is a songwriting and performing duo based in Boulder, Colorado who have released an impressive album of Americana music with some Celtic roots called Pandemonium.

Pandemonium review

Still Undead by The Sitting Bull and the BullshittersMarch 18, 2015

A Finnish band with an unusual name, The Sitting Bull & the Bullshitters released a solid rock debut at the beginning of 2015 called Still Undead.

Still Undead review

Nine Kinds of Happiness by Last Charge of the Light HorseMarch 8, 2015

Led by composer and performer Jean-Paul Vest, who decided to name his musical “journey” rather than group, Last Charge of the Light Horse has produced an impressive LP with their latest release, Nine Kinds of Happy.

Nine Kinds of Happy review

Going to the SunFebruary 8, 2015

Reigning from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Going to the Sun released an interesting and entertaining self-titled debut, which includes diverse songs which range from synth-pop to coffeehouse-folk.

Going to the Sun album review

The Endless River by Pink FloydDecember 23, 2014

20 years after their previous studio, Pink Floyd produced and released a planned final album, partially as a tribute to their late keyboardist Richard Wright. Most of The Endless River is comprised of instrumental tracks recorded with Wright in late 1993..

The Endless River Album Review

Golden Road by Laney JonesNovember 23, 2014

Florida’s Laney Jones produced a fine 2013 debut album called Golden Road, which is filled with tracks built on authentic instrumental arrangements and a great variety in the sub-genres used for the approaches of each track.

Golden Road Album Review

Shiver + Shake by My GoodnessNovember 12, 2014

A bluesy power duo out of Seattle, My Goodness has released a potent and interesting album called Shiver + Shake, which was the final work by the late legendary producer Rick Parashar.

Shiver + Shake Album Review

Steakhouse album coverOctober 15, 2014

Self-described as “drifter rock”, Steakhouse forged a unique fusion of modern and classic styles on their self-titled debut LP, which contains music that seamlessly marries synthesized techno motifs with a solid Country and Western rhythm, along with long lyrical narratives.

Steakhouse Album Review

Black Skies and Starlight by Dustin DouglasSeptember 24, 2014

Dustin Douglas recorded his debut album, Black Skies and Starlight over the past two years, while he was an active member of the Badlees. With a mix of big guitars, pop-laced hooks and an alternative rock attitude, Douglas blends a diverse array of influenced to make a formidable record.

Black Skies and Starlight Album Review

Mushaboom album coverSeptember 14, 2014

The Finnish band Mushaboom has a solid, classic-rock-style core approach, while also offering their own blend of styles and compositional approach. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Cream to jazz to folk to psychedelic, their self-titled, debut album is interesting, entertaining, and original.

Mushaboom Album Review

Pulling Upon the Strap by Gypsy LumberjacksAugust 13, 2014

Pulling Upon the Strap masterfully displays the range of influences that form the sound of the Minnesota-based group Gypsy Lumberjacks. While the group’s base sound is solidly Americana based, there is an improvisational element which brings in elements of Latin, jazz, creole, European folk, and even some psychedelic and progressive rock.

Pulling Upon the Strap Album Review

Peach by Late CambrianJuly 19, 2014

With Peach, the Brooklyn-based group Late Cambrain has made an accessible pop/rock album which celebrates youth and joy and the good life, without getting trapped in any formulaic rut or being tethered to any passe musical trends.

Peach Album Review

Bread & Circuses by Furius JonesJune 15, 2014

Bread & Circuses, the debut album from Idaho based Furious Jones. The guitar, vocal, and drums work by this husband and wife duo is entirely unique with a bit of alternative/grunge sound along with obvious blues, rock and pop influences.

Bread & Circuses Album Review

Good Fight by Scoti-SlateFebruary 10, 2014

The two man group Scoti*Slate‘s latest album, Good Fight, has eighties influences in style, but it is by no means retro or stuck in time. This CD stands out as a good mix of songwriting and musicianship.

Good Fight Album Review

Making Others Rich by The DisparrowsJanuary 22, 2014

On their latest album Making Others Rich, you can detect a vast array of influences from the 1970s to the present day that originally blend to form the sound of the California-based rock band The Disparrows.

Making Others Rich Album Review

Seeds and Thorns by Up The ChainNovember 1, 2013

Seeds and Thorns is an engaging new album by Philadelphia area folk artist Up the Chain. Led by front man and creator Reed Kendall, the album employs some of the most talented musicians in the Philly area for this entertaining and rewarding musical journey.

Seeds and Thorns Album Review

Epiphones and Empty Rooms by the BadleesOctober 15, 2013

We have done a two part review of the Badlees double album Epiphones and Empty Rooms.

Album Overview
Side A review
Side B review

37 Channels by TantricSeptember 15, 2013

Tantric will release their fifth studio album entitled 37 Channels on Tuesday, September 17th. This is the band’s first work since Mind Control in 2009 and maintains Tantric’s tradition of exploring diverse influences including country, southern rock, classic rock, and even Motown.

Read more

Another Life by EmphaticSeptember 4, 2013

This fall, the hard rock band Emphatic will be releasing their second major label album called Another Life. The album will be the first to feature new front man Toryn Green along with three other new group members of the quintet from Omaha, Nebraska.

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Smile It Looks Good On You by Fools On SundayJuly 26, 2013

The New York duo Fools On Sunday have definitely migrated into new territory with their latest EP, Smile! It Looks Good on You, which contains three tracks of a funk/rap/blend. This differs vastly from anything they put out on their punk/new wave inspired first two EPs.

Review by Ric Albano

Lepers and Deities by The TreatDecember 29, 2012

Lepers and Deities is the fourth album by the British trio, The Treat. It is the type of album that not only gets more interesting as it goes along, but also gets better with each listen, which may be the true mark of a great album.

Review by Ric Albano

Light In the Dark by Twelve Twenty-FourNovember 30, 2012

Light In the Dark is the second album from the dynamic Christmas rock group Twelve Twenty-Four. With a well of talent and great production, we should look forward to much more from this act in the coming years.

Review by Ric Albano

Clockwork Angels by RushJune 22, 2012

Rush has released their long awaited studio album called Clockwork Angels, a 12 track concept album five years in the making. It is the group’s 20th studio album since their eponymous debut way back in 1974, but only their 3rd of this century.

Review by J.D. Cook

Flying ColorsJune 4, 2012

Who says super-groups are dead? Here in 2012 we have a fantastic initial effort by a group called Flying Colors, who released their eponymous debut in March. The project has been described as virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joining to make new-fashioned music the old fashioned way.

Review by Ric Albano

Blunderbuss by Jack WhiteMay 22, 2012

With his first official “solo” effort, Jack White strikes a nice balance on Blunderbuss between artistic endeavors and melodic songcraft. The album comes in the wake of the dissolution of The White Stripes duo last year, an act he had sustained with Meg White for fourteen years.

Review by Ric Albano

A Different Kind of Truth by Van HalenMarch 2, 2012

One of America’s classic hard rock bands are back and are ready to blow off the charts with a new album and a tour which fans have been waiting for since 2008. Van Halen released their new album, A Different Kind of Truth on February 7th and begins an extensive North American tour on March 3rd.

Article by Blaise Greco

Conversation in Pieces by AutohypnosisNovember 21, 2011

Although you get the feeling that there may be something more going on than meets the eye, Autohypnosis‘ new album, Conversation (in) Pieces is, at least on the surface, a series of glimpses into the dynamics of a failed relationship.

Album Review by Chris Nelson

The Graduation Ceremony by Joseph ArthurJune 2, 2011

The Graduation Ceremony is another gem by American rocker Joseph Arthur. This latest studio album, released on May 23rd of this year, explores many styles and genres while portraying vivid and intimate stories.

Review by Leah Della Croce

Vengeance by The RodsMay 19, 2011

Heavy metal band The Rods, who got their start in the late 1970s and made their mark through the early 1980s, have returned with their first studio album in a quarter century titled Vengeance.

Rods Profile by Ric Albano

Imaginary Lines 33March 3, 2011

A deep and rich project of innovative and philosophical music, Imaginary Lines culminated with a triple-length, 33-song collection in 2009 called Imaginary Lines 33.

Imaginary Lines 33 album review

Loneliness Anonymous by Darcie MinerMarch 25, 2010

Darcie Miner‘s evolutionary album, Loneliness Anonymous, fuses her folk rock talents with melodic pop sensibilities and pairs her excellent vocal skills and songwriting with top-notch production techniques.

Review of Loneliness Anonymous

Love Is Rain by The BadleesNovember 9, 2009

The Badlees returned from a seven year hiatus of recording as a group with Love Is Rain in 2009. With this unique album, the group embraced the two musical directions towards which they had evolved over recent years.

Two States, review of Love is Rain