The Real Gig

Bret Alexander is a songwriter and producer based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. His career began as a studio engineer in the late 1980s where he met the members of what would become the band The Badlees. The band was signed to a major label in the mid 1990s with Bret playing the role of principle songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist. In 1999, Bret opened his studio, Saturation Acres and continues to work today with the Badlees as well as other artists on studio and live productions.

06/28/13The Wisdom of Nonsense
06/21/13Musings From the Tail
06/14/13Are We There Yet?
06/07/13The Muse’s Guestbook
05/31/13The Medici Effect
05/24/13Man vs. Music Business
05/17/13Song Power
05/10/13Sing a Simple Song
05/03/13It Comes With the Job
04/26/13The Last Great Classless Occupation
04/19/13Rock and Roll Never Forgets
04/12/13The Rock And Roll Field Guide (A Study In Species)
03/29/13Two Wolves
03/22/13The Curse of the Roy Orbison Fan
03/15/13My Favorite Advice, Part 1
03/08/13The Musician Business
03/01/13A Sense of Humor
02/22/13Context and The Art of Sound Ownership
02/15/13Music, Cooking, and The Source

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