Music Submission Guidelines

We appreciate the submission of new music to Modern Rock Review and our River of Rock affiliates. Our aim is to offer recognition to all artists who submit material to us. Although our response may be slow due to limited resources, we do consider everything submitted that meets the below requirements.

Ways to Submit

As of 2019, we no longer accept physical submissions of CDs and promo packages. Currently, there are two ways to get your new release music to us:

  1. Email Submission – This preferred method directs us to a downloadable Zip file, comprised of quality mp3s with a minimum bit rate of 160 kb/s. Due to storage restrictions, we do not accept WAV files or anything beyond the mp3 format.Please fill out our Contact Form or send an email to which specifies the location of the Zip file and includes the following information (*required):
    1. Artist Name*
    2. Album Title*
    3. Release Date*
    4. Artist Details (hometown, band members by instrument, bio(s))*
    5. Square image of Album Cover (minimum 300×300 px)*
    6. Image of Artist/Band
    7. Contact email*
    8. Website
    9. Link(s) to where music is commercially available
    10. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reverbnation, YouTube and Google+ only)
    11. Production notes (song credits, studio, dates recorded, producer, instrumentation and players)
    12. Any other relevant notes of interest


  2. Direct Us to Your Online Music – While this is not the preferred method, we understand that sometimes the most pragmatic way for artists to publish music is through Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or other online services. When using this method of submission, please follow the procedures and requirements as “online submission” along with any further notes on track sequence and availability.

Submission Requirements

  1. We support and appreciate independent music. In fact, the bulk of what we cover is Indy music. However, there is a minimal, professional production and compositional standard that must be met in order to be featured in our publication. If we don’t feel that this threshold has been met, we will alert you and provide a reason why.
  2. Modern Rock Review and/or River of Rock Music Network will only review or feature full-length albums and EPs (we use the 30 minute running time threshold to distinguish between the two). Further, this music must be publicly available (on sale) at the time of submission or at an established future release date. We do not review single songs.
  3. Modern Rock Review focuses on mainstream, rock-oriented popular music. That being said, we do enjoy fusion and sub-genre based music, which may have slight elements of blues, folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, Americana, punk, metal, prog, r&b, soul, alternative, classical, or any other innovative method. However, anything that veers too far into the convention of these genres may not be a good fit for our website or target audience.
  4. Some bonus attributes to getting featured are good musical depth, originality, production quality, accessibility and entertainment value. An album with a nice combination of these will be given priority for consideration.

Ways Your Album May Be Featured

The following applies only to professionally produced, publicly available music:

  1. New Releases Page – Here we will regularly add all new releases as long as these following required items are provided to us:
      1. Album Name, Artist, and Release Date
      2. Album Cover Image
      3. Short Album Summary (50-100 words)

    In addition, artist website, link to purchase page, and social media links (FB, TW, RN, G+) may also be included if provided.

  2. Choice 5 – Full albums or EPs may be featured on this monthly feature, published on the 5th of each month, which takes a brief look at five new releases. The same requirements for New Releases Page apply here along with the requirement to have access to all the music on the release.
  3. Featured Debut – Choice debuts of full albums or EPs.
  4. Full Album Review – This feature is limited to full albums of the highest quality musically and sonically. Due to limited resources, we have only been able to publish a handful of these each month, but hope to increase publications in the future. All the above requirements apply and, when preparing for a full album review, we may send additional questions to the artist or manager in order to assure accuracy.

Beyond New Album Releases

  1. Artist Profiles – For exceptional artists with a long-standing career, Modern Rock Review may do a multi-part artist profile. Being that there is much time and energy invested in these, the standards for this are high.
  2. Stories – Occasionally, we will publish articles on important tours or other interesting events happening in the rock world.
  3. Modern Classics – Modern Rock Review does a dedicated reviews of a quality album released during the decade of the 2000s as a “Modern Classic”.
  4. Videos – While we do not singularly promote music videos, we do have a section on our website where embed professional videos in conjunction with an Album Review or Choice 5 selection.
  5. Affiliate Sites and Future Plans – Modern Rock Review is part of the River of Rock music network, which includes the affiliate websites Classic Rock Review, Roots Rock Review, Keystone Rock Review, and Big Blue Bullfrog. Through these, many further features new initiatives are being developed.

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