Featured Debuts

Our Featured Debut series focuses on exceptional albums and EPs which launch the recording career of promising new rock artists.

Eyes On Us by Merritt GibsonDecember 7, 2019

Eyes On Us is the 2018 debut album by Merritt Gibson, a Massachusetts-based composer and performer. This record features a dozen original songs which were composed during her mid teens.

Eyes on Us review

Crystal Clear by Suzanne LavineJuly 9, 2019

After a long hiatus from the music business, Suzanne Lavine, a Pennsylvania based artist who formally fronted The Vines, has produced and released her 6-song debut EP, Crystal Clear.

Crystal Clear review

Broken Strings by Ellie RoseJune 5, 2019

Broken Strings is the debut recording by Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Ellie Rose. The six songs on this EP were all written with a very specific overarching theme in mind, each track represents one of the various stages of grief.

Broken Strings review

Fragmental by AshbyOctober 9, 2016

Filled with extended, inventive tracks which finely display the talents of this German quartet, Fragmental is an exceptional debut album by Ashby. Musically, this record straddles the line between symphonic metal and classic progressive rock.

Fragmental review

No Rain Remain EP by Steve WilkinsJuly 19, 2016

No Rain Remain, the debut EP by Steve Wilkins, contains songs of diverse themes that somehow gel together as a cohesive whole with an underlying statement speaking of the struggle between balancing a responsible life and satisfying a wellspring of creative impulses.

No Rain Remain review

Intellect by Groove ThinkMay 17, 2016

The Texas-based rock power trio Groove Think has debuted with a true prog rock concept album called Intellect. The tracks tell a story of a dystopian device and its effect on society, while the music captures the theatric vibe with the expert use of genre, tempo and dynamics.

Intellect review

Edges by Jocelyn and Chris ArndtApril 28, 2016

Siblings Jocelyn and Chris Arndt have been writing and performing music together since they were kids, with the music continuing to grow and mature into original, strong and authentic rock. Their debut album, Edges, captures these fine compositions, led by Jocelyn’s powerful vocals and Chris’s blues-based rock driven guitar.

Edges review

Time To Go by The Orange ConstantMarch 29, 2016

The Georgia-based quartet, The Orange Constant, fuses rock, jazz, funk and blues elements on their high quality debut, Time to Go. The album features top-notch production, solid compositions, and just the right amount of musical flourishes while remaining accessible and enjoyable throughout.

Time to Go review

Real EP by Buddha TrxieFebruary 25, 2016

Buddha Trixie has released an impressive four-song EP which hits the sweet spot between hard rock and accessible pop. Real features strong rhythms, unique guitar textures, clear lyrical themes and the record gets stronger and more entertaining as it goes along.

Real EP review

The Whiskey Charmers debut albumFebruary 11, 2016

The Whiskey Charmers are a Detroit-based duo who strike a perfect balance between laid back country and western and edgy folk rock. With the smoky lead vocals of Carrie Shepard and the stratospheric lead guitar textures of Lawrence Daversa, the self-released and self-titled 2015 album is solid from start to finish.

The Whiskey Charmers review

Something You Remember EP by Franklin GothemDecember 9, 2015

Franklin Gotham‘s impressive debut EP, Something You Remember features upbeat, hopeful lyrics and simple story telling and is complemented by a minimalist production technique as well as rustic, soothing acoustic instrumentation accented by sparing use of synths.

Something You Remember review

Me Right Now by Hannah AyraultNovember 30, 2015

Hannah Ayrault is an impressive young vocalist with a distinctive voice both lyrically and sonically. On her debut EP, Me Right Now, songwriting is well experienced with various journeys of self-discovery and coming of age, all delivered with a sweet innocence in her tone to accompany the bubbly pop melodies and introspective ballads decorated with traditional instrumentation.

Me Right Now review

Episodes by RemanonJune 17, 2015

We launch our brand new “Featured Debut” series with a profile of Episodes, the 2015 EP by the Texas-based prog rock group Remanon, which features complex compositions and virtuoso performances.

Episodes EP feature