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Me Right Now by Hannah Ayrault

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MRR Featured Debut
Released: October 14, 2015
Produced by: Jon Lewis
Track Listing
Me Right Now
New York I Love You
So Close So Far
Hannah Ayrault – Piano, Vocals
Jon Lewis – Synths

Me Right Now may only be five songs long, but this debut EP by Hannah Ayrault certainly leaves a long lasting impression. This young singer from Detroit has a distinctive voice both sonically and lyrically and her songwriting is more mature than one may expect from someone of this age. Yet, she sings from experience and about things she knows and understands well, such as exploration of love and relationships and various journeys of self-discovery and coming of age. All of this is delivered with a sweet innocence in her tone to accompany the bubbly pop melodies and introspective ballads decorated with traditional instrumentation.

The title track “Me Right Now” begins the EP on a high note. Here, the insightful lyrics explore the awkward time between childhood and adulthood. The melancholy mood of the music is accentuated brilliantly by the almost childlike innocence in the vocal delivery.

“Mine” is a danceable pop tune with an interesting arrangement and heavily accented percussion. With lyrics questioning the status of a relationship, Ayrault again displays her vocal abilities, especially during the complex layered harmonies later in the song. Built on a strummed acoustic guitar, “Stay” returns to the theme of heading out on a journey to find the future but having nostalgic thoughts of what you are leaving behind;

You stay in pictures in my mind, but will you still be in my life?”

Like the preceding track, the somber “New York I Love You” revisits the theme of a journey, but this time it seems as though the protagonist is returning home after giving up her dream. Coming full circle, the closer “So Close So Far” once again explores the pains of growing up and following a different path from the people and places you love and the pain of separation.

On Me Right Now, every song is a unique glimpse into the promising future of this budding talent.


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