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Choice 5 for November 2015November 5, 2015

The November 2015 Choice 5 features albums and EPs of rich and diverse rock acts such as Sandy Bell, The Great Depression, The Left Ready, Jillian Speer, and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

Choice 5 for November 2015

Mother of Illusion by The TrousersOctober 27, 2015

Mother or Illusion is the fourth LP by Hungarian band The Trousers and features a straight-forward hard rock approach from beginning to end with some lyrical themes which inspiration from both cultural references and real life experiences.

Mother of Illusion review

Abstract Heart by Zervas and PepperOctober 18, 2015

Abstract Heart by Welsh duo Zervas & Pepper is an exquisite folk-rock based album with introspective lyrics about spirituality, mortality and the human condition. Not a single note or lyric of this sonic masterpiece has the feeling of being contrived or forced.

Abstract Heart review

Five DiOctober 10, 2015

Five years ago today, on 10/10/10, Modern Rock Review officially launched. Although the mission and scope has vastly evolved over this time span, our dedication to providing original views on authentic rock music has remained consistent.

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Choice 5 for October 2015October 5, 2015

The October Choice 5 features albums and EPs of diverse rock from Autopilot, Lawless Hearts, Strong Addiction, Brett Vogel, and The von Trapps.

Choice 5 for October 2015

Hot Fuss by The KillersSeptember 26, 2015

The Killers released an impressive 2004 debut, Hot Fuss, a critical and commercial success. Much of the album was recorded independently as the group forged their unique sound during their formative years.

Hot Fuss review

Beneath the Waves by Distant LightsSeptember 20, 2015

For their third album, Distant Lights decided to strip down their sound and simplify their compositions. The result is the fine acoustic album, Beneath the Waves, which explores a whole new dimension of the group’s sound.

Beneath the Waves review

The Steppin StonesSeptember 10, 2015

Led by 18-year-old guitarist and lead vocalist Hannah Wicklund, The Steppin’ Stones have released an incredibly mature and sophisticated self-titled album full of bluesy grit and melodic compositions.

The Steppin’ Stones review

Choice 5 for September 2015September 5, 2015

The September Choice 5 features some harder rocking albums and EPs by the groups A.D.D., Doghouse Swine, The Frame, Radiodrone, and Static Fiction.

Choice 5 for September 2015

The Black Sky Sequined by ColorwayAugust 29, 2015

Colorway‘s second album, The Black Sky Sequined, showcases the Massachusetts-based trio at their finest as a fine-produced collection of melodic songs with unique arrangements.

The Black Sky Sequined review

Kat PerkinsAugust 10, 2015

Kat Perkins is on a mission to “Dream It, Do It” whether it comes to her music or her anti-bullying campaign. Within the past year, this talented vocalist and former contestant on “The Voice” has released a successful EP and debut album.

Kat Perkins feature article

Choice 5 for August 2015August 5, 2015

The August Choice 5 looks at an eclectic mix of new releases by Leah Capelle, The Cyon Project, Honeybird, The Insekt Life Cycle, and Wasted Puppets.

Choice 5 for August 2015

Echoes Silence Patience Grace by Foo FightersJuly 31, 2015

For their sixth studio album, Foo Fighters decided to forge an original sound and approach to recording. The result, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, contains a perfect blend of acoustic and electric elements as well as songs with unique arrangements.

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace review

This Is It by Michael ShawJuly 13, 2015

Filled with rich compositions and lush arrangements reminiscent of the theatrical rock of the seventies, This Is It is an impressive debut by the California-based rock group called An Intimate Evening with Michael Shaw.

This Is It album review

Choice 5 for July 2015July 5, 2015

July’s all-American Choice 5 features releases from Dream Logic, The Electro-Lights, Invincible Czars, Soapbox Army, and Straight Line Stitch.

Choice 5 for July 2015

BonzJuly 2, 2015

Later this month, Bonz will set off on an extensive tour in support of their recently released album, Broken Silence.

More on the Tour

Knuckle Sandwich by The MelataunsJune 28, 2015

Using a whole bunch of authentic, working musicians from New Orleans’ rich music scene, Knuckle Sandwich by The Melatauns is full of rich music with diverse styles ranging from blues to free-form jazz to new wave pop/rock.

Knuckle Sandwich album review

Episodes by RemanonJune 17, 2015

We launch our brand new “Featured Debut” series with a profile of Episodes, the 2015 EP by the Texas-based prog rock group Remanon, which features complex compositions and virtuoso performances.

Episodes EP feature

Crysis by Modest MidgetJune 11, 2015

The second studio album by Dutch act Modest Midget, the quasi-concept album Crysis features solid compositions, exquisite production, as well as a plethora of diverse musical styles and moods.

Crysis album review

Choice 5 for June 2015June 5, 2015

June’s Choice 5 features releases from Kevlar Bikini, My Own Ghost, Don Paris Schlotman, Siren, and The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco.

Choice 5 for June 2015

Farmhouse by PhishMay 31, 2015

Usually known for their long, improvised jams, Phish took a different approach in recording their eighth studio album, Farmhouse. This mid-2000 release contained much shorter and more accessible songs and has fared well enough to be our Modern Classic for May 2015.

Farmhouse review

Grass Routes by KingwhistlerMay 17, 2015

Although credited to the “group” Kingwhistler, the 2014 Grass Routes was fully conceived by composer, vocalist and musician Nick Aliberti. The album is an upbeat, retro sounding piece, utilizing many rock and roots sub-genres and designed in the effect of an American road trip.

Grass Routes review

Choice 5 for May 2015May 5, 2015

May’s Choice 5 features releases from Big Engine, Daylight Robbery, Barry Myers, Chris Nelson and We Live In Sod Houses.

Choice 5 for May 2015

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