Choice 5

Modern Rock Review Choice 5
Published on the 5th of each month, Choice 5 features five new albums and/or EPs from artists around the globe.

October 2018

Choice 5 for October 2018

I Love You Means I’m Lucky by John David & the Jerks  |  Minneapolis
Making Waves by Deep Sea Divers  |  Boston, MA
Meant 2 Be by Happy Curmudgeons  |  Detroit, MI
Sleepless Town EP by Ossian Smith  |  Finland
The Truth About Dogs and Wolves by Five Mile Smile  |  Belfast

September 2018

Choice 5 for September 2018

10.000 Feet Below by Eliza Neals  |  Detroit, MI
Driven by Vibrant Heels  |  Quebec City, PQ
Nine Fine Lines by Sinclair Soul  |  Harrisburg, PA
Race to the Sound by Last Charge  |  Long Island, NY
Souvenir by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors  |  Nashville, TN

August 2018

Choice 5 for August

Falling Forward by Donoma  |  Kenosha, WI
The Misses by Joshua Ketchmark  |  Nashville
Revenge of the Nearly Deads by The Nearly Deads  |  Nashville
Shadowlight by Forrest Hill  |  San Francisco
Stay by Kylie Nicole  |  Los Angeles

July 2018

Choice 5, July 2018

Bicycle Face EP by The Persian Leaps  |  St. Paul, MN
The Curse of the Crystal Teeth EP by Baby Bones  |  Louisville, KY
Devil In the Moonshine by Outlaws & Moonshine  |  Indianapolis, IN
RSM by The Rhythm Surf Monkeys  |  Baltimore, MD
These Are the Days by Colorway  |  Northampton, MA

June 2018

Choice 5 for June 2018

Bonehead by Rueckwater  |  Tampere, Finland
If All Goes Wrong by Aaron Clift Experiment  |  Austin, TX
Internal Waves of Love by Zele  |  Croatia
Motor Car & Weather Balloon by Ben Brookes  |  Portsmouth, UK
Shakespeares and Waterfalls by The OHO  |  Finland

April 2018

Choice 5 for April 2018

Beyond the Grey EP by Beyond the Grey  |  Kansas City, MO
Summer + Spring by Nick Black  |  Memphis, TN
Paramnesia EP by The Divided Line  |  Toronto, ON
Scattered Shadows On a Double Bed by Fox & Coyote  |  Minneapolis
Loss of Contact with Reality EP by Heyoka’s Mirror  |  Calgary, ON

March 2018

Choice 5 for March 2018

Difference Between Fine & OK by Kayla Avitabile  |  Phillipsburg, NJ
Long Shot by Meaghan Farrell  |  Nashville, TN
Streetlights by Ryan Pleckham  |  Grant Park, IL
Twenty/Twenty by Alyssa Tess  |  Midhurst, Ontario
What’s This Beating by Jase Hackman  |  Nashville, TN

February 2018

Choice 5 for February 2018

At the End of the World by Sleep Signals  |  Minneapolis
Deep in the Waves by J. Briozo  |  Minneapolis
Hearts in Need of Repair by Sarah Morris  |  St. Paul, MN
A Shiek’s Legacy by Thomas Abban  |  Minneapolis
Timeless Soul by Jeremy Poland and Lantz Dale  |  Mankato, MN

January 2018

Choice 5 for January 2018

Beneath the Surface by Anchored  |  Dallas, TX
Don’t Worry, It’s Not Contagious by Jeremy Porter & the Tucos  |  Detroit
Energy Exploded by Paisley West  |  St. Louis, MO
Revolutionary Soul by Derek Davis  |  California
Tug of War by Gina Sicilia  |  Nashville, TN

December 2017

Choice 5 for December 2017

Bleeder by Bleeder  |  Shenandoah, VA
Cold Damned Season by Six String Noise  |  Athens, Greece
Coping Mechanisms by FOAM  |  Perth, Australia
Drive by Richard Schroder  |  Nashville, TN
The Stories We Tell Ourselves by Nothing More  |  San Antonio, TX

November 2017

Choice 5 November 2017

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basketcase by Elliot Schneider  |  California
Gallatin by Matt Siffert  |  Nashville, TN
Hey Muse! by The Suburbs  |  Minneapolis, MN
Playin’ History by Joe Bouchard  |  Killingworth, CT
This Place Ain’t for Me by Chris Wills  |  New York, NY

October 2017

Choice 5 for October 2017

Curse of Lono EP by Curse of Lono  |  London, England
Detachment by Barock Project  |  Italy
Dreamland by Matt Hannah  |  Minneapolis, MN
The Gardner by Abraham Sarache  |  The Netherlands
Some Place Some Where by Nescora  |  New York, NY

September 2017

Choice 5 for September 2017

Are You Real? by Beware of Darkness  |  Santa Monica, CA
Blue Healer by Blue Healer  |  Austin, TX
Experience by Kaleido  |  Detroit, MI
Promised Land by Smokey Fingers  |  Lodi, Italy
Save the Fallen by Headzero  |  London, England

July 2017

Choice 5 for July

Canis Majoris by Esquela  |  Bovina, NY
Famous Monsters by The Psyatics  |  Las Vegas, NV
Listen to Your Mind by Sam Arnold & Secret Keepers  |  Austin, TX
Retro. Revamped. by Whiskey Kiss  |  Phoenix, AZ
The Threshold & The Hearth by The Ragbirds  |  Ann Arbor, MI

June 2017

Choice 5 for June 2017

Apparitions by Funk You  |  Augusta, GA
Chasing Rainbows by Wishing Well  |  Helsinki, Finland
Crime Wave EP by Port Juvee  |  Calgary, AB
The Spark Within by Chris Timms  |  Brisbane, Australia
World at Large by World at Large  |  Stavanger, Norway

May 2017

Choice 5 for May 2017

Coming Clean by The Favorite Things  |  Minneapolis, MN
The World We Built by The Wild Reeds  |  Los Angeles, CA
Ursa Minor by Red Cloud  |  Eugene, OR
Home Alonely EP by OK, Alright  |  Fayetteville, AR
LA Don’t Love You EP by GRIT  |  Los Angeles, CA

April 2017

Choice 5 for April 2017

Arboles Ossific by Phantom Phunk  |  Tampa, FL
Awake by Moving Structures  |  Los Angeles, CA
Finally Home EP by Sunset Harbinger  |  Los Angeles, CA
Radiate / Dissolve by Rogue Valley  |  Minneapolis, MN
Waiting for Martin by Water Street  |  Blairstown, NJ

March 2017

Choice 5 for March 2017

As the Wind Blows by Bailour  |  Kotka, Finland
Battlefield by Jeff Ruby  |  Nashville, TN
Color / Echo EP by The Invisible World  |  Independence, MO
Into the Sun EP by Inbokah  |  Columbus, OH
Telescopes by Pale Blue Dot  |  Charlottesville, VA

January 2017

Choice 5 for January 2017

Body Wars EP by June Divided  |  Philadelphia, PA
End of the Times by The Corridors  |  London, England
Murtsgod EP by Dogstrum  |  Seattle, WA
Sex Was Gold EP by Matthew Stewart  |  San Francisco, CA
Snakes In Blossom by Angertea  |  Szentes, Hungary

December 2016

Choice 5 for December 2016

Break Open the Head by Suit of Lights  |  New York, NY
Some Kind of Youth by Dead Buttons |  Seoul, South Korea
Songs for a Lonely Night by An Autumn Sunrise |  Scranton, PA
Straight for the Sun by Spacebear |  Houston, TX
Strays by Womack |  Forssa, Finland

November 2016

November Choice 5

Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen  |  Wilkes-Barre, PA
New Personal Record by Seth Timbs |  Nashville, TN
Shake Well Before Opening by Mozey |  San Antonio, TX
Too Wild to Tame by Laura McCormick |  Tullahoma, TN
When the Dust Settles by Noble Savages |  San Francisco, CA

October 2016

Choice 5 for October 2016

Hearts + Knives by James and the Wild Spirit |  Nashville, Tennessee
Happily Neverafter by Murder F.M. |  Dallas, Texas
Old Habits Die Hard by Dimino |  Washington, DC
Redemption by Atomic Symphony |  Switzerland
We Are the Reckoning by Peter Katz |  Toronto, Ontario

September 2016

Choice 5

Dawn of a Darker Horizon by Scythe For Sore Eyes  |  Helsinki, Finland
Forever! by (Hed)p.e.  |  Los Angeles, CA
Naubinway by Adam Levy  |  St. Paul, MN
So We Live So We Die by A Boy Named John  |  Parsipanny, NJ
Theta Healing by Last Frontier  |  Naples, Italy

August 2016

Choice 5 for August 2016

Big Blues by Jesse Davey  |  London, England
Grandmother Corn EP by Grandmother Corn  |  Helsinki, Finland
Love Sick Radio EP by Austin John Winkler  |  Oklahoma City, OK
The Stress Kills by GreyMarket  |  Tampa, FL
Verisimilitude by Embassy of Silence  |  Finland

July 2016

Choice 5 for July 2016

Better a Fool Than Aloof by Elliot Schneider  |  Bay Area, CA
The Brightness EP by Butch Parnell  |  Brooklyn, NY
The Privateer by The Tosspints  |  Saginaw, MI
Return to New EP by Mark Daniel  |  Connecticut
When We Were Young by The Energy  |  Brooklyn, NY

June 2016

Choice 5 for June 2016

Denial by Halina Garl  |  London, England
From Prussia with Love by Nervous Germans  |  Austria
The Luxury of Time, Pt III by Broke Royals  |  Virginia
Outside the Lines by Telamor  |  Gloucester, MA
The Sun is New Each Day by Armonite  |  London, England

May 2016

Choice 5 for May 2016

Buffalo Mouth EP by The Echo and the Sound  |  Los Angeles, CA
Light & Bloom by Holly Ann  |  Portland, OR
Manic by The Digs  |  Boston, MA
Strobe Sessions by Falling Stars  |  Chicago, IL
Waati Sera by Adama Yolomba  |  Bamako, Mali

April 2016

Choice 5 for April 2016

Dead City Dreams by Time Killers  |  Keminmaa, Finland
Half Way Home by Bad Touch  |  Norwich, England
Hypnerotomachia by Inior  |  Rome, Italy
Lawless Local Heroes by Han  |  Aduard, Netherlands
Origo EP by St. Niklas  |  Norway

March 2016

Choice 5 for March 2016
Community Service by Chris Moore  |  Brooklyn, NY
Magic Formula by White Limo  |  Gothenburg, Sweden
Our God Is a Possum God by Silverton Youth Choir  |  Oregon
Southern Gothic by The Shoe Birds  |  Mississippi
Welcome to Babylon by Disciples of Babylon  |  Hollywood, CA

February 2016

Choice 5 for February
Cold Heat by Burntfield  |  Helsinki, Finland
Ordinary Things by Sarah Morris  |  St. Paul, MN
Red Roads of Home by O’Leary  |  Charlottestown, PEI
Reign of the West by The Grave Jinglers  |  Farmingdale, NY
That Sense by Underhill West  |  Xanthi, Greece

January 2016

Choice 5 for January 2016
Chasing Shadows by Black Tide  |  Miami, FL
Elephants Never Forget EP by Bubbles Erotica  |  Chicago, IL
Ravens & Writing Desks EP by Arsenic Unbirthday  |  Cagliari, Italy
The Struggle EP by XO Stereo  |  Los Angeles, CA
Things Moving On Their Own Together by Stephen Chopek  |  New York, NY

December 2015

Choice 5 for December 2015
Her Foreign Language by Matthau Mikojan  |  Tampere, Finland
Hollow Hearted EP by Empty Trail  |  Austin, TX
Songs For a Lonely Night by Autumn Sunrise  |  Scranton, PA
Until the End EP by Melanie Crew  |  London, England
Wet Floor by The Ramblers  |  Lisbon, Portugal

November 2015

Choice 5 for November 2015
Daggars & Suede EP by Jillian Speer  |  Los Angeles, CA
Ghost EP by The Left Ready  |  Kalispell, MT
In a Starry State by The Great Depression  |  Cannon Falls, MN
The Night Creeper by Uncle Acid  |  Cambridge, England
When I Leave Ohio by Sandy Bell  |  Woodstock, NY

October 2015

Choice 5 for October 2015
Anesthesia by Strong Addiction  |  Helsinki, Finland
Creatures of Habit EP by Lawless Hearts  |  Jacksonville, FL
Dancing in Gold EP by The von Trapps  |  Montana
Desert Dreams EP by Autopilot  |  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Never Giving Up by Brett Vogel  |  Los Angeles, CA

September 2015

Choice 5 for September 2015
All In EP by Static Fiction  |  Huntington Beach, CA
Core by A.D.D.  |  Chicago, IL
Fearless EP by Doghouse Swine  |  New Jersey
The Infinite Fire by The Frame  |  Syracuse, NY
The Truth Syndicate Diaries by Radiodrone  |  California

August 2015

Choice 5 for August 2015
Leah Capelle EP by Leah Capelle  |  Chicago, IL
Out Comes Woman by Honeybird  |  Hollywood, CA
Puppet Show by Wasted Puppets  |  Rovaniemi, Finland
Purple Gaze EP by Insekt Life Cycle  |  Manilla, Phillipines
Tales of Pain by The Cyon Project  |  Torino, Italy

July 2015

Choice 5 for July 2015
Maps by Soapbox Army  |  New York
My Black Arts by The Dream Logic  |  New York
Oddities/Contradictions by Electro-Lights  |  Mississippi
Reynolds and Stopschinski by Invincible Czars  |  Austin, TX
Transparency by Straight Line Stitch  |  Knoxville, TN

June 2015

Choice 5 for June 2015
Hardest of Hearts by Don Paris Schlotman  |  Brooklyn, NY
Hi Fi or Die by Kevlar Bikini  |  Zagreb, Croatia
Love Kills by My Own Ghost  |  Luxumbourg
Private Jet Flashback by 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco  |  England
The Row by Siren  |  Pesaro, Italy

May 2015

Choice 5 for May 2015
Falling Back to Earth by Daylight Robbery  |  England
Once In a Blue Mood by Chris Nelson  |  Lebanon, PA
Shark For a Week by We Live In Sod Houses  |  Sioux City, IA
Shot Like a Rocket by Big Engine  |  Jacksonville, FL
Starseeds and Dreamcatchers by Barry Myers  |  Florida

April 2015

Choice 5 for April 2015
Enjoy the Ride by EB11  |  Spain
The Distance Between by Kaos India  |  Modena, Italy
Snake Side Brotherhood by Six String Noise  |  Athens, Greece
Longing For the Incomplete by Kouzin Bedlam  |  Finland
Back to Life EP by A New Tomorrow  |  London, England

March 2015

Choice 5 for March 2015
Spika by Paskura  |  Moscow, Russia
Defined EP by Adage  |  Winston-Salem, NC
Fuel Yer Delusion, Vol IV by Mutts  |  Chicago, IL
Cognisense EP by Vie Jester  |  Pasadena, CA
Catharsis by Aurin  |  Fair Lawn, NJ

February 2015

February Choice 5
Something In a Dream by Lynch  |  Chicago, IL
Freakbeat by The Trousers  |  Budapest, Hungary
Denizens of the Depths by RetConStruct  |  San Jose, CA
Southern California by Tijuana Bullfight  |  Los Angeles, CA
Very Heepy, Very Purple by Avi Rosenfold  |  Israel

January 2015

Choice 5 for January 2015
Phillip Brandon EP by Phillip Brandon  |  Los Angeles, CA
Falling Awake EP by Falling Awake  |  Hot Springs, AR
That Is a Pegasus by Sarah Donner  |  Princeton, NJ
These Veins EP by Charlee Remitz  |  Nashville, TN
Chunkasaurus vs. Falconnon EP by Chunkasaurus  |  Vancouver, BC

December 2014

Choice 5 for December 2012
A Life Exceptional by Craving Strange  |  Long Island, NY
Monuments by We Are the Catalyst  |  Sweden
Power of a Woman by Jason Masi  |  Alexandria, VA
Riesgo Electrico Vol.1 EP by Nash  |  Argentina
Rock Rebel Gold by Feel never Real  |  Dallas, TX

November 2014

Choice 5 for November 2014
The Ash by The Ash  |  Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Forgetting What Was by Sakara  |  Springfield, MA
Not Thinking, Not Dreaming by Distant Lights  |  Austin, TX
Summoning the Sun EP by Rentap  |  The Netherlands
Tribes by Testing Tomorrow  |  Los Angeles, CA

October 2014

Choice 5 albums for October 2014
A Manuel for Defeat by No Show Ponies  |  Austin, TX
Snapshots of Reality EP by Tom Moriarty  |  England
Spanish Sound EP by Velshur  |  Byron Bay, Australia
Very High Frequency by V.H.F.  |  Los Angeles, CA
Sailor of the Seven Seas by Northern Whale  |  Youngstown, OH

September 2014

September 2014 Choice 5
Chain Reaction by Distorted Harmony  |  Tel Aviv, Israel
Social 66 by Social 66  |  Akron, OH
That Damn Disaster EP by Prosevere  |  Memphis, TN
Walk Me Out by Our Friend & the Spiders  |  Montreal, PQ
Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Victor Sierra  |  France

August 2014

Choice 5 for August 2014
Black Gold by Iron Bells  |  Louisville, KY
Daydreaming Ride EP by Tongue  |  Belgrade, Serbia
Evan Egerer EP by Evan Egerer  |  Pasco, WA
Lady Flint EP by Lady Flint  |  Marseille, France
Stratology by Stratus  |  Orebro, Sweden

July 2014

Choice 5 for July 2014
Bards of Melatonia by The Melatauns  |  New Orleans, LA
Classic: Rock Album by Jenny Oaks Baker  |  Annandale, VA
Midnight Train EP by Jacob Latham  |  Bloomington, IN
Mission Critical EP by Joy Focus  |  Chicago, IL
Watch the Rain EP by Goodnight Tonight  |  Kent, OH

June 2014

Choice 5 for June 2014A Shade of My Former Self by The Charm The Fury  |  Amsterdam, Netherlands
Latter Days by Drown Incus  |  Lucerne, Switzerland
Reborn EP by WitchCo  |  Mexico City, Mexico
Watchmaker Years EP by Timmer  |  Switzerland
The Devil Made Me So It by Brand New Machine  |  Dallas, TX