Choice 5 for October

Our October Choice 5 looks at an interesting mix of diverse new rock albums from artists around the world.

We Are the Reckoning by Peter Katz

We Are the Reckoning by Peter Katz

Canadian singer-songwriter Peter Katz delivers a fine blend of folk and pop ballads on his 2015 release, We Are the Reckoning, the result of two years of writing and recording. Highlights from the album include the dynamic, vocal driven “Lay It On Me”, the steady building and rhythmic “No Natural” and the fantastic opening title song, “We Are The Reckoning”.

Peter Katz online

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Redemption by Atomic Symphony

Redemption by Atomic Symphony

Living up to its name, Atomic Symphony is a Swiss symphonic metal quintet who deliver gripping compositions on their self-produced debut, Redemption. With influences ranging from Deep Purple to Dream Theater and the execution of fantastic timing, incredible guitar-lead rudiments, and fine instrumental arrangements, the album shines from the opener, “Lost Eden”, onward.

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Old Habits Die Hard by Dimino

Old Habits Die Hard by Dimino

Decades after fronting the rock group Angel, Frank Dimino shows that he still has vocal chops on his debut solo record Old Habits Die Hard.Here, Dimino enlists an all-star ensemble which includes past or present members of Lynard Skynard, Twisted Sister, Stryper, and Blackfoot along with members from Meat Loaf’s band for a potent blend of hard rock throughout.

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Happily Neverafter by Murder FM

Happily Neverafter by Murder F.M.

Murder F.M. built their following organically through clever videos and high-energy shows in their native Texas and beyond, including supporting stints for Rob Zombie, Deftones, and Five Finger Death Punch. Highlights from their LP Happily Neverafter include “We the Evil”, with a good hook and perfect electronic effects, and the atmospheric rock ballad, “Burn”.

Murder F.M. online

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Hearts and knives by James and the Wild Spirit

Hearts + Knives by James and the Wild Spirit

Led by singer-songwriter James Templeton, the unique sound of James and the Wild Spirit blends Western style country and modern psychedelic with a great dose of pop sensibility. “Hearts + Knives” is the 2015 debut LP by the Nashville-based group and its 10 tracks of exquisite, self-produced music show their great potential.

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Modern Rock Review’s look at 5 new album releases, published on October 5, 2016.


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