Choice 5 for March

Modern Rock Review’s Choice 5 for March 2017 has a mix of diverse new rock albums and EPs from talented artists including Bailout, Inbokeh, The Invisible World, Pale Blue Dot and Jeff Ruby.


As the Winds Blow On by Bailout

As the Winds Blow On by Bailout

Bailout is a hard rock band from Finland who released an album with top-notch production and interesting arrangements giving their music an unexpected edge. Highlights from As the Winds Blow On include the tracks “Your Strength” and “Lost” along with the epic eight-minute closer “Still”.

Bailout online

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Telescopes by Pale Blue Dot

Telescopes EP by Pale Blue Dot

On the EP Telescopes, we find funky arrangements and an original sound where the guitar parts seem intuitively placed. These songs by Virginia-based Pale Blue Dot feel familiar and comfortable on the first listen, despite being completely original and with philosophical and poetic lyrics.

Pale Blue Dot online

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Battlefield by Jeff Ruby

Battlefield EP by Jeff Ruby

Indiana native and Nashville based Jeff Ruby has released an eclectic 8 song EP which alternates between riff-driven rock and acoustic folk tunes. Battlefield‘s strongest tracks include “Casting Stones”, “Buy In”, and the exquisitely delivered closing track “Sanctuary”.

Jeff Ruby online

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Color Echo by The Invisible World

Color / Echo EP by The Invisible World

The Missouri-based rock band The Invisible World forges an alternative rock sound with a strong hint of country influence. Every song on the EP Color / Echo is a bit different while maintaining an overall beat-driven rock sound with a good sense of pop craftsmanship.

The Invisible World online

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Into the Sun by Inbokeh

Into the Sun EP by Inbokah

Our final selection comes from the Ohio based rock trio Inbokah. Their 2016 EP Into the Sun features tracks which range from dense, sloshy rock jams to atmosphere-rich space rock to high energy pop songs with a signature style and sound.

Inbokah online

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See you on Wednesday, April 5th for the next installment of Choice 5!


Modern Rock Review’s look at 5 new album releases, published on March 5, 2017.


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