Choice 5 for April

Modern Rock Review’s Choice 5 for April 2017 is drawn from albums by artists from the USA, including Moving Structures, Phantom Phunk, Rogue Valley, Sunset Harbinger and Water Street.


Waiting for Martin by Water Street

Waiting for Martin by Water Street

Water Street is a five member group named after an actual street in their hometown of Blairstown, New Jersey. On their album, Waiting for Martin, they perform clear, authentic sounding songs with un-decorated production and a nice mix of styles.

Water Street online

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Awake by Moving Structures

Awake by Moving Structures

Awake is a concept album by LA-based prog rock band Moving Structures with the instrumental program music starting with a burial at sea and taking place during the descent to the bottom of the ocean. Along the way, the music ranges from surreal soundscapes to sections of much musical movement.

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Radiate Dissolve by Rogue Valley

Radiate / Dissolve by Rogue Valley

Rogue Valley is an Americana group from Minneapolis who has found much regional success throughout the American Northwest. On their latest release, Radiate / Dissolve, the group combines clever production techniques with unique arrangements while maintaining a cohesive overall sound.

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Arboles Ossific by Phantom Phunk

Arboles Ossific by Phantom Phunk

Phantom Phunk takes their raw garage band sound and forges it into solidly arranged, cross-genre tracks on their debut album Arboles Ossific. Here, the four-piece band from Tampa, Florida explores may sub genres making for an interesting and diverse record.

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Finally Home EP by Sunset Harbinger

Finally Home EP by Sunset Harbinger

On their EP Finally Home, an interesting mix of traditional jazz and modern electronic elements are nicely blended by the group Sunset Harbinger. Each of the six songs on this EP is an interesting, original and entertaining listen.

Sunset Harbinger online

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Modern Rock Review’s look at 5 new album releases, published on April 5, 2017.


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