Galaxies by Aaron Fink

Galaxies is an eclectic rock album by Pennsylvania-based guitarist, vocalist and composer Aaron Fink. An expert in touring and studio work, Fink sought to explore previously uncharted waters with this third solo album, which blends a healthy dose of melodic pop/rock with heavy blues guitars and other sonic treats.

Fink spent a decade as lead guitarist for Breaking Benjamin while that group found worldwide success, selling over seven million records with three albums certified platinum during the decade of the 2000s. Fink departed from Breaking Benjamin in 2011 and worked on several different projects, including a short stint as guitarist for The Badlees. In the spring of 2015, Aaron Fink recorded his first solo album, Saint Sylvania, followed by a second solo record, Heavy Feathers in 2016.

The third solo release in less than two calendar years, Galaxies is the first where Fink takes charge as a producer. He also played most of the instruments on the record, with guitarist Patrick Flynn providing rhythm guitar on each track. The album was recorded at SI Studios in Old Forge, PA following a long songwriting process where Fink claims he wrote about ten songs for each one released.

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MRR LogoGalaxies by Aaron Fink
Released: January 14, 2017
Produced by: Aaron Fink
Track Listing Primary Musicians
Left It Alone
Beautiful Creature
The World Has Other Plans
Skies Above
Long Live The King
Lady Peace
Aaron Fink
Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums

Patrick Flynn
Rhythm Guitar


Galaxies begins with “Serpentine”, a bluesy guitar-led instrumental with some interesting chord changes. “Lovelight” follows as a more standard riff-driven rocker with the very slightest of deviation into an Eastern music motif just prior to the final verse. “Left It Alone” features a methodical funk riff throughout with some soulful lead vocals and cool, rolling drums between verses.

“Beautiful Creature” is built on a heavy rock/blues riff throughout the verses and a rewarding lead guitar later on, while the acoustic-bedded “Skies Above” features bluesy electric licks throughout as well as a generous use of vocal harmonies. The most interesting track on the early part of the album is “The World Has Other Plans”, which features lots of musical delights. It commences with a rocking piano before breaking into a heavy guitar riff and contains nice guitar overtones and some strategically double-tracked vocals.

The latter half of the album kicks off with the dark and methodical “Blue”, featuring Fink’s Gentlemen East band mates, bassist Paul Smith and drummer Ron Simasek. The title track “Galaxies” has an eighties-style new wave feel, “Echoes” is a moderately paced dramatic tune with much emotion and deliberative moodiness, and “Long Live the King” comes in abruptly but remains steady paced and features good melodies and hooks. “Lady Peace” is a somber and mellow closer, which relies on vocals to drive it along until a final guitar lead launches to close the album in a strong way.

Fink stated recently that the diversity on this album was inspired by Led Zeppelin, who combined several sub-genres in making their classic albums. As for the future, he plans to continue writing, developing, recording and performing music for the foreseeable future.


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