March 2017 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of March 2017.

What's This Beating by Jase HackmanMarch 1, 2017
Jase Hackman
What’s This Beating
Choice 5 for March 2018
Jase Hackman website
Buy What’s This Beating

Fire Dancer EP by Beau and LucyMarch 3, 2017
Beau + Lucy
Fire Dancer EP

Beau + Lucy website
Buy Fire Dancer

Alpha EP by NordMarch 3, 2017
Alpha EP

Buy Alpha

The 3rd EP by Butch ParnellMarch 3, 2017
Butch Parnell
The 3rd EP

Butch Parnell website
Buy The 3rd

Black Aura by Viper ArmsMarch 3, 2017
Viper Arms
Black Aura

Viper Arms website
Buy Black Aura

Bleed It Out by White DemonsMarch 3, 2017
White Demons
Bleed It Out

White Demons website
Buy Bleed It Out

Garden of Chains by AncarAMarch 5, 2017
Garden of Chains

Buy Garden of Chains

Falling Forward by DonomaMarch 7, 2017
Falling Forward

Donoma website
Buy Falling Forward

And the Fire Within by Four Trips AheadMarch 10, 2017
Four Trips Ahead
…And the Fire Within

Buy …And the Fire Within

Societal Arcade by SelfmachineMarch 10, 2017
Societal Arcade

Buy Societal Arcade

Bleed It Out by White DemonsMarch 10, 2017
White Demons
Bleed It Out

Buy Bleed It Out

Live by Bret Alexander and Nyke Van WykMarch 14, 2017
Bret Alexander and Nyke Van Wyk
Live HMAC and Mauch Chunk Opera House

Album Review of Live
Bret Alexander website
Buy Live HMAC and Mauch Chunk Opera House

No Place Like by Fun ServiceMarch 15, 2017
Fun Service
No Place Like

Buy No Place Like

You've Been Good to Me by Kurt Brutus BaconMarch 16, 2017
Kurt Brutus Bacon
You’ve Been Good to Me

Buy You’ve Been Good to Me

Closure by ADNAMarch 17, 2017

ADNA website
Buy Closure

Moth by Emperors and ElephantsMarch 17, 2017
Emperors and Elephants

Emperors and Elephants website
Buy Moth

Chills and Fever by Samantha FishMarch 17, 2017
Samantha Fish
Chills and Fever

Samantha Fish website
Buy Chills and Fever

Psuedohappiness by Happily Ever BlindMarch 17, 2017
Happily Ever Blind

Happily Ever Blind website
Buy Psuedohappiness

For the People by The MagnifiersMarch 17, 2017
The Magnifiers
For the People EP

The Magnifiers website
Buy For the People

Detachment by Barock ProjectMarch 20, 2017
Barock Project
Choice 5 for October 2017
Barock Project website
Buy Detachment

Listen to Your Mind by Sam Arnold and the Secret KeepersMarch 24, 2017
Sam Arnold & the Secret Keepers
Listen to Your Mind
Choice 5 for July 2017
Sam Arnold website
Buy Listen to Your Mind

Loss of Contact with Reality by Heyoka's MirrorMarch 24, 2017
Heyoka’s Mirror
Loss of Contact with Reality

Choice 5 for April 2018
Buy Loss of Contact with Reality

Faces In the Sand by Jupiter FallsMarch 24, 2017
Jupiter Falls
Faces In the Sand

Buy Faces In the Sand

Percorsi by Plurima MundiMarch 29, 2017
Plurima Mundi

Buy Percorsi

Watch the World by Three Legged FoxMarch 31, 2017
Three Legged Fox
Watch the World

Buy Watch the World

Iron River by Kings of MoonshineMarch 31, 2017
Kings of Moonshine
Iron River

Buy Iron River

The Venomous by NightrageMarch 31, 2017
The Venomous

Buy The Venomous

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