Choice 5 for July

Modern Rock Review’s Choice 5 for July 2017 features five American artists including Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers, Esquela, The Psyatics, The Ragbirds, and Whiskey Kiss.


Canis Majoris by Esquela

Canis Majoris by Esquela

Bovina, New York is home to Esquela,  a group that delivers simple but strong old-fashioned Americana style music on Canis Majoris. This album’s strongest tracks come towards the end with “Gold Digger” and “Blue Canoe” being highlights.

Esquela online

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The Threshold and the Hearth by The Ragbirds

The Threshold & The Hearth by The Ragbirds

The Ragbirds come from Ann Arbor, Michigan and they play songs which all sound a little different while all sharing a nostalgic feel with a very natural flow. Highlights from the album include “Lemongrove”, which makes connections between nature and the creative process, and “Today is a Good Time to Be Born”, a song about making good choices.

The Ragbirds online

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Retro Revamped by Whiskey Kiss

Retro. Revamped. by Whiskey Kiss

From Phoenix, Arizona comes Whiskey Kiss and a very retro, sixties-style rock with female lead vocals, blistering surf-tone guitars and slight horns. Some notable tracks include the fine, soulful pop of “Keep It to Myself and the seductive anthem “Vixen”.

Whiskey Kiss online

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Listen to Your Mind by Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers

Listen to Your Mind by Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers

Finally from Austin, Texas is Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers, a side band of the band Opposite Day. On Listen to Your Mind, the music is eclectic, slightly Latin jazzy with a rock foundation and just enough improvisation to make it sonically pleasurable. Highlights include “Chemical Change” and “The Captain is Dead”.

Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers online

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Famous Monsters by The Psyaitics

Famous Monsters by The Psyatics

On Famous Monsters, The Psyatics deliver a really raw sound which is executed brilliantly through plenty of edge and vibe. Hailing from Las Vegas, screeched vocals, distorted guitars and entertaining jams are present on tunes like “The Last Time I Saw Julia” and “Pet Names”.

The Psyatics online

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See you on Saturday, August 5th for the next installment of Choice 5!


Modern Rock Review’s look at 5 new album releases, published on July 5, 2017.


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