Choice 5 for September

Our September Choice 5 looks at an interesting mix of diverse new rock albums from artists worldwide.

Dawn of a Darker Horizon by Scythe for Sore Eyes

Dawn of a Darker Horizon by Scythe for Sore Eyes

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Scythe for Sore Eyes describes themselves as a “melodic-dark and jolly” band. Their debut album, Dawn Of a Darker Horizon straddles the line between traditional hard rock and modern prog metal with the highlights being the guitar-oriented “Gone Alone” and the heavy blues rocker “Bring the Bottle”.

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Forever! by HED pe

Forever! by (Hed)p.e.

Never letting themselves get pigeonholed into a single genre, the latest release by from the decades long collection by (Hed)p.e. is unabashedly ballsy through the first half before settling into a more groove-oriented approach later on the record. As such, Forever! is richly diverse, ranging from the wild guitar textures and into multi-vocal rap of “Closer” to the moderate R&B fusion of “One of a Kind”, with several distinct sonic gems elsewhere.

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Naubinway by Adam Levy

Naubinway by Adam Levy

Naubinway is an album which starts out very somber but gains sonic momentum as it gradually becomes a diverse modern masterpiece. The songs on this album by former Honeydogs member Adam Levy range from the dark folk opener “Take It As It Comes”, to the strong rocker “This Friend”, to the country flavored “Clemens In Plain View”, then full circle to the closing solo acoustic title song.

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So We Live So We Die by A Boy Named John

So We Live So We Die by A Boy Named John

Six-piece, New Jersey-based group A Boy Named John has their first full-length album with So We Live So We Die. Throughout this alternative and punk influenced album, the group delivers strong performances with some song highlights being “Please Excuse The Acronym”, “The Irony Of a Birdhouse”, and the more moderate pop of “Don’t Kill The Messenger”.

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Theta Healing by Last Frontier

Theta Healing by Last Frontier

Theta Healing (Through the Poison) is the second full-length album by the Italian heavy rockers Last Frontier. The selections on this album range from the complex and heavy prog multi-textured opener “Arachnaphobia” to the extended mini-epic “Dragonfly’s Tail” to the sonic climax of the closing “Visionary Maze”.

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Modern Rock Review’s look at 5 new album and EP releases, published on September 5, 2016.

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