Hindsight by Patrick Joseph

Hindsight is the latest release by composer, performer and producer Patrick Joseph. This 2016 album features new versions of select tracks from Joseph’s first two LP releases, Antiques in 2010 and Moon King in 2014, as well as a few new compositions.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Patrick Joseph is musically fluent on piano, guitar, bass and drums along with being a professional recording engineer and producer. He reportedly passed on several label deals in order to maintain the freedom of producing songs on his own terms. Subsequently, music from his first two self-released albums has been featured on multiple television shows as well as used in films.

MRR LogoHindsight by Patrick Joseph
Released: November 22, 2016
Produced by: Patrick Joseph
Track Listing Primary Musician
Don’t You Know
Better Off Alone
Don’t Believe It
Piece Of Your Love
Foot In the Door
Arsonist Blues
Such A Long Time Ago
Setting Sun
Patrick Joseph
Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums


“Don’t You Know” is Hindsight‘s excellent opener with a dark, Western feel musically guided by a drum shuffle throughout, all acting as a fine canvas for the subtle lead vocals. The piano ballad “Sorry” follows with a more defined attack from the vocals and method of production.

The first of many remakes on the album, “Better Off Alone” was originally recorded for Moon King. This choppy pop/rocker features some good guitar riffing and, late in the song, the bridge takes a nice diversion before the main theme is revived in the end. Other remakes from Moon King include the Mexican-flavored swing of “Foot in the Door”, played with rock elements and more electric piano / synth effects, the vocal-driven ballad “Setting Sun”, and “Such a long Time Ago”, with very subtle jazz executed perfectly through guitar, bass and atmosphere.

Three tracks were also re-done from the earlier album, Antiques. “Don’t Believe It” is a fantastic melancholy blues ballad with, perhaps, the best vocal performance on the album along with an inventive guitar lead. “Piece of Your Love” is a mellow ballad with lots of subtle musical and vocal atmosphere, while the inventive “Arsonist Blues” is a brightly strummed acoustic piece with strategically strained vocals and just the right amount of slide lead guitar. “Untangled” lands close to a typical modern day acoustic emo track, adding yet more variety to the overall mix.

In total, Hindsight is a pleasant listen throughout and a fortunate reflection on the overall body of recorded work by this talented artist.


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