A rock quartet from Berlin, Germany, Strange-a’-Delic brings some authentic-sounding classic rock elements into the present day on their self-titled debut. The group’s sound is greatly influenced by the blues and psychedelic of the 60s and the 70s, along with their distinct mixture of “krautrock”. The band strives to remain true to their musical origins, carrying the spirit of bygone times into the present day, while making every song distinct and personal in its own way through sophisticated melodies and interesting harmonies.

The group was initiated in late 2014 after a previous incarnation, Benoogee Brothers, dissolved after the death of that group’s lead vocalist, to whom this new album is dedicated. With the goal of heading into a new musical direction, guitarist/vocalist Lukas Jähnichen and bassist/vocalist Paul Lufter began to work on material for a new album. Jähnichen and Lufter wrote the lyrics to all songs while the entire band, including organist Denny “Dreamer” and drummer Chris “Boss” wrote the music.

Strange-a’-Delic was recorded within five days in September 2015 in a studio called Parachute Pony. Located in the eastern part of Berlin, the studio is in an old cinema built next to a former political prison of the former East German Communist Ministry of State Security, the Stasi. All songs were recorded live and in one take, with only vocals and solo passages overdubbed. The album was recorded and mixed by Sven Ruschka and Max Braune and mastered by Arne Ziemann of Oakfield Mastering.

MRR LogoStrange-a’-Delic by Strange-a’-Delic
Released: June 15, 2016
Produced by: Sven Ruschka, Max Braune & Strange-a-Delic
Track Listing Primary Musicians
Psychedelic Shotgun
Home Again
Yesterday’s Spirit
Magic Eye
Orenda Overdrive
Burn Your City Down
Lukas Jähnichen
Guitars, Vocals
Paul Lufter
Bass, Vocals
Denny Dreamer
Chris Boss


Some of the six songs on the album feature personal stories behind the music and the lyrics, but the group also strove to “let the music do the talking” and leave it up to each listener to forge his or her own interpretation of the tracks. The first song written for the album, “Yesterday’s Spirit” combines the feeling of a sixties pop/rock song with some oriental influences and lyrics about finding the strenghth to start over after a great loss. The idea for the opener “Psychedelic Shotgun” was sparked when the group first watched “The Holy Mountain” by Alejandro Jodorowsky, which contains a scene about a weapon factory. “Magic Eye” was a song inspired by Fleetwood Mac, after Lufter was listening to their 1977 classic Rumours and wanted to write a song you can listen to when you drive alone through the night to clear your mind.


Following the June 2016 release of Strange-a’-Delic, the band began working on an acoustic set to play at smaller venues. Plans for a second album are also in the very early stage as the group is both writing new material and growing their fanbase by promoting the debut album. On a closing note, the band takes particular pride in the fact that everything from composing and recording to artwork and logo design was done independently, without a record company or similar support.


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