Harder Rock Review, Vol. 2

The second installment of our new Harder Rock Review feature focuses on some choice new metal and features albums and EPs from Ad Vitam, AEGEA, Centrilia, Debunker, Fubear, Poynte, and a featured video by Universal Mind Project.

2015_Poynte-DiscreetEnemy_150Discreet Enemy by Poynte

A hard-hitting rock quintet from Atlanta, GA, Poynte released Discreet Enemy in 2015. It is a fine mixture of heavy guitars, syncopated beats, a lyrical connectivity and a strong sense of melody throughout.

Poynte online

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2016_AdVitam-Stratosfear_150Stratosfear by Ad Vitam

Ad Vitam means “Lifelong” in Latin and this metal band hails from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Stratosfear is the first Full Length for the band which has shared the stage with many important contemporaries.

Ad Vitam online

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2016_FubearIIIEP_150Fubear III EP by Fubear

Fubear draws their influence from nineties grunge as well as several other hard rock influences. In early 2016 this Finnish band recorded and released their third EP, aptly entitled Fubear III.

Fubear online

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Featured Video

“Truth” music video from the album The Jaguar Priest by international rock project, Universal Mind Project.

Universal Mind Project online

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Honesty by Aegea#Honesty EP by AEGEA

AEGEA is a hard rock/metal band from Tampa, FL who offers up “a hurricane of progressive sound” with groove-oriented compositions. #Honesty is the band’s second EP since their formation in 2015.

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2015_Debunker-TheInvisibleDisorderEP_150The Invisible Disorder EP by Debunker

Hailing from Oporto, Portugal, Debunker is an incorporative thrash metal band with a fast, aggressive and passionate approach along with emotional shifts on their latest EP, The Invisible Disorder.

Debunker online

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Memento Mori by CentiliaMemento Mori EP by Centrilia

Released in late 2015, Memento Mori is the second EP from the Scottish band Centrilia. The music here features a quality blend of nineties groove along with modern day hardcore metal.

Centrilia online

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Stay tuned for the next installment of Harder Rock Review!


Modern Rock Review’s look at six new metal-flavored album and EP releases and a featured hard rock video, published on July 28, 2016.

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