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July 2016 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of July 2016.

Black Knight Satellite by Drugs DelaneyJuly 1, 2016
Drugs Delaney
Black Knight Satellite

Drugs Delaney website
Buy Black Knight Satellite

Everything Was Sound by SilentPlanetJuly 1, 2016
Silent Planet
Everything Was Sound

Silent Planet website
Buy Everything Was Sound

Live Santiago de Chile by Temple AgentsJuly 1, 2016
Temple Agents
Live Santiago de Chile

Temple Agents website
Buy Live Santiago de Chile

3nity EP by The VonJuly 1, 2016
The Von
3nity EP

The Von website
Buy 3nity

Beautiful Broken by HeartJuly 8, 2016
Beautiful Broken

Heart website
Buy Beautiful Broken

Elocution by MayaeniJuly 8, 2016
Elocution EP

Buy Elocution

Out Of the Box EP by SilvertungJuly 8, 2016
Out of the Box EP

Silvertung website
Buy Out of the Box

The Split Seconds LPJuly 8, 2016
The Split Seconds
The Split Seconds

The Split Seconds website
Buy The Split Seconds

Where the Light Shines Through by SwitchfootJuly 8, 2016
Where the Light Shines Through

Switchfoot website
Buy Where the Light Shines Through

Run Baby Run by The WansJuly 8, 2016
The Wans
Run Baby Run EP

The Wans website
Buy Run Baby Run

Mindless Mass by Wheel of SmokeJuly 8, 2016
Wheel of Smoke
Mindless Mass

Buy Mindless Mass

Wolves by Alexa Wilding-WolvesEPJuly 8, 2016
Alexa Wilding
Wolves EP

Alexa Wilding website
Buy Wolves

Aita'sSentence by EtrusgraveJuly 10, 2016
Aita’s Sentence

Buy Aita’s Sentence

Past Life Regression by ORBSJuly 15, 2016
Past Life Regression

Buy Past Life Regression

Better Off by Of Clocks and CloudsJuly 15, 2016
Of Clocks and Clouds
Better Off EP

Buy Better Off

We're All Somebody from Somewhere by Steven TylerJuly 15, 2016
Steven Tyler
We’re All Somebody From Somewhere

Steven Tyler website
Buy We’re All Somebody From Somewhere

Here Comes the Fear EP by Heavy StaticJuly 21, 2016
Heavy Static
Here Comes the Fear EP

Buy Here Comes the Fear

The Lefties LPJuly 21, 2016
The Lefties
The Lefties

Buy The Lefties

Disappearing Day by Peter EldridgeJuly 22, 2016
Peter Eldridge
Disappearing Day

Peter Eldridge website
Buy Disappearing Day

Rotting Empire by Forty WintersJuly 22, 2016
Forty Winters
Rotting Empire

Buy Rotting Empire

Somehow I've Always Known by HeadwiresJuly 22, 2016
Somehow I’ve Always Known

Buy Somehow I’ve Always Known

Forever by (Hed)PEJuly 22, 2016

(Hed)P.E. website
Buy Forever!

Fuel to the Fire by Killing the MessangerJuly 24, 2016
Killing the Messenger
Fuel to the Fire

Killing the Messenger website
Buy Fuel to the Fire

Music for Mobile Electric Guitars  by Titled AxesJuly 28, 2016
Tilted Axes
Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Tilted Axes website
Buy Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Never Look Back by 3 Pill MorningJuly 29, 2016
3 Pill Morning
Never Look Back

3 Pill Morning website
Buy Never Look Back

Songs of Love So Cruel by Ultan ConlonJuly 29, 2016
Ultan Conlon
Songs of Love So Cruel

Ultan Conlon website
Buy Songs of Love So Cruel

Rumours by Weekend RecoveryJuly 29, 2016
Weekend Recovery
Rumours EP

Buy Rumours

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