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March 2016 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of March 2016.

Fubear III EPMarch 3, 2016
Fubear III

Buy Fubear III

Young Blood EP by American KillersMarch 7, 2016
American Killers
Young Blood EP

Harder Rock Review, Volume IV
Buy Young Blood

Edges by Jocelyn and Chris ArndtMarch 7, 2016
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt

Edges album review
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt website
Buy Edges

Chains of Misfortune by Dark SymphonicaMarch 8, 2016
Dark Symphonica
Chains of Misfortune

Buy Chains of Misfortune

The New Dawn by DakesisMarch 10, 2016
The New Dawn

Buy The New Dawn

Snakes In Blossom by AngerteaMarch 15, 2016
Snakes In Blossom

Choice 5 for January 2017
Angertea website
Buy Snakes In Blossom

Believe EP by RomesMarch 16, 2016
Believe EP

Buy Believe

Nibiruan Chronicles by AbyssianMarch 17, 2016
Nibiruan Chronicles

Buy Nibiruan Chronicles

Trust by Oceans of TimeMarch 17, 2016
Oceans of Time

Buy Trust

Waiting For Martin by Water StreetMarch 19, 2016
Water Street
Waiting for Martin

Choice 5 for April 2017
Water Street website
Buy Waiting for Martin

Land Of Blue Echoes by Marco RagniMarch 21, 2016
Marco Ragni
Land Of Blue Echoes

Marco Ragni website
Buy Land Of Blue Echoes

Monolith by MisamoreMarch 22, 2016

Misamore website
Buy Monolith

Frost Mot Ed by GrimmerMarch 25, 2016
Frost Mot Eld

Buy Frost Mot Eld

Lost Soul by Bob HillmanMarch 25, 2016
Bob Hillman
Lost Soul

Bob Hillman website
Buy Lost Soul

The Threshold and the Hearth by The RagbirdsMarch 19, 2016
The Ragbirds
The Threshold & The Hearth

Choice 5 for July 2017
The Ragbirds website
Buy The Threshold & The Hearth

Dead EmperorsMarch 26, 2016
Dead Emperors
Dead Emperors EP

Buy Dead Emperors

The Power of Music by Joe BouchardMarch 28, 2016
Joe Bouchard
The Power of Music

Review of The Power of Music
Joe Bouchard website
Buy The Power of Music

Soidinmenot by Steel JungleMarch 30, 2016
Steel Jungle

Buy Soidenmenot

Eros & Thanatos by SyndoneMarch 30, 2016
Eros & Thanatos

Syndone website
Buy Eros & Thanatos

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