January 2016 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of January 2016.

Evolver by The DissonicsJanuary 1, 2016
The Dissonics

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Rise of the Waterfowl by Farmhouse OdysseyJanuary 5, 2016
Farmhouse Odyssey
Rise of the Waterfowl

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Blackstar by David BowieJanuary 8, 2016
David Bowie

Album Review of Blackstar
David Bowie website
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Nous Sommes Faux by KrassevilleJanuary 11, 2016
Nous Sommes Faux

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Hold That Thought Forever by The Last ConspiratorsJanuary 11, 2016
The Last Conspirators
Hold That Thought Forever

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The Storm Bells Chime by SolJanuary 11, 2016
The Storm Bells Chime

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Metamorphopsia by Virvel Av MorkerhatetJanuary 11, 2016
Virvel Av Morkerhatet

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There You Go EP by Cost of AttritionJanuary 13, 2016
Cost of Attrition
There You Go EP

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Some Kind of Youth by Dead ButtonsJanuary 13, 2016
Dead Buttons
Some Kind of Youth

Choice 5 for December 2016
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Ecliptified by EclipticaJanuary 15, 2016

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Its a Decadent Life by EndbiteJanuary 15, 2016
It’s a Decadent Life

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Fishboy EP by OviRaptor ClubJanuary 16, 2016
OviRaptor Club
Fishboy EP

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Black Blood album coverJanuary 22, 2016
Black Blood
Black Blood

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4 and a Half by Steve WilsonJanuary 22, 2016
Steve Wilson
4 1⁄2 EP

Steven Wilson artist profile
Steven Wilson website
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Oscar Hocks by Bianca Casady and the CiAJanuary 29, 2016
Bianca Casady & The C.i.A.
Oscar Hocks

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Garden of the GodsJanuary 29, 2016
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

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The Triumph of Ruin by The Howling VoidJanuary 29, 2016
The Howling Void
The Triumph of Ruin

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Decade by The Veer UnionJanuary 29, 2016
The Veer Union

The Veer Union website
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Anajune Rival by Nathan MathesJanuary 30, 2016
Nathan Mathes
Anajune Rival

Nathan Mathes website
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