No One Gets to Their Heaven Without a Fight

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No One Gets to Their Heaven Without a Fight

Originally published in June 2007, this article tells the biography of Rush while giving the play-by-play of a concert on the Snakes and Arrows tour.

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Tonight I am with Veggie, my friend and fellow musical connoisseur, as we step out of the mundane valley of everyday life towards the mountain of artistic possibilities. We each bring two sons to witness the ceremony of the grand oracles of audio. Decades have rolled by and many of the mighty have fallen into the echo a chamber of the past, but Rush persists in grand competence and in original form.

For Veggie, this is the tenth time he has seen Rush live, while for me it is merely my fourth. The only other “repeat offender” in the group is my 16-year-old son, The Meister, who joined us during Rush’s 30th anniversary tour in 2004. That show was so excellent that I caught another at Radio City Music Hall a few weeks later, the only time I’ve ever saw the same band twice on the same tour. The other three members of our party, Veggie’s two teenaged sons (“the Green Veggies”) and my own 9-year-old boy, Mr. Rooski, are all rookies to the experience.

I  A Long Awaited Friend
II  Alone and Yet Together
III  A Ready Guide in Some Celestial Voice
IV  Sometimes in Confusion, I Feel So Lost & Disillussioned
V  Pariah Dogs & Wandering Madmen
VI  In Between the Bright Lights & the Far, Unlit Unknown
VII  Shatter the Illusion of Integrity
VIII  Changes Aren’t Permanent, But Change Is

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