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2015 Album Reviews, March-April

Below is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during March and April 2015.

Holy Bones by Mary BueMarch 2, 2015
Mary Bue
Holy Bones

Mary Bue website
Buy Holy Bones

Colt by The Night FallsMarch 3, 2015
The Night Falls

The Night Falls website
Buy Colt

Twisted Soul  by Jessi TeichMarch 3, 2015
Jessi Teich
Twisted Soul

Jessi Teich website
Buy Twisted Soul

Hand Cannot Erase by Steve WilsonMarch 3, 2015
Steve Wilson
Hand. Cannot. Erase.

Steve Wilson website
Buy Hand. Cannot. Erase.

The Whiskey Charmers debut albumMarch 7, 2015
The Whiskey Charmers
The Whiskey Charmers
Featured Debut, The Whiskey Charmers
The Whiskey Charmers website
Buy The Whiskey Charmers

Chains of Misfortune by Dark SymphoticaMarch 8, 2015
Dark Symphonica
Chains of Misfortune

Buy Chains of Misfortune

The Deal Act 2 by Busto Power TrioMarch 15, 2015
Busto Power Trio
The Deal: Act 2 EP

Buy The Deal: Act 2

Distance EP by Evan EgererMarch 23, 2015
Evan Egerer
Distance EP

Buy Distance

The Driftwood Sign EPMarch 24, 2015
The Driftwood Sign
The Driftwood Sign EP

The Driftwood Sign website
Buy The Driftwood Sign

A Vintage Year EPMarch 25, 2015
A Vintage Year
A Vintage Year EP

Buy A Vintage Year

We Are the Reckoning by Peter KatzMarch 27, 2015
Peter Katz
We Are the Reckoning

Choice 5 for October 2016
Peter Katz website
Buy We Are the Reckoning

Puppet Show by Wasted PuppetsMarch 27, 2015
Wasted Puppets
Puppet Show

Choice 5 for August 2015
Buy Puppet Show

Ravens and Writing Desks by Arsenic UnbirthdayMarch 30, 2015
Arsenic Unbirthday
Ravens and Writing Desks EP
Choice 5 for January 2016
Arsenic Unbirthday website
Buy Ravens and Writing Desks

Lightward by EarthistMarch 30, 2015

Video of the song “Not Today”
Buy Lightward

Mon Amour Monique by Jamie-Lee SmitMarch 30, 2015
Jamie-Lee Smit
Mon Amour Monique

Jamie-Lee Smit website
Buy Mon Amour Monique

Pull Awake by June StarMarch 31, 2015
June Star
Pull Awake

June Star website
Buy Pull Awake

Veraphobia by BanditoApril 3, 2015

Bandito website
Buy Veraphobia

South of Everything by DellacomaApril 3, 2015
South of Everything

Dellacoma website
Buy South of Everything

Version 5 EPApril 7, 2015
Version 5
Version 5 EP

Version 5 website
Buy Version 5

Dreaming Onward by ReveristApril 8, 2015
Dreaming Onward EP

Reverist website
Buy Dreaming Onward

Atlantis by Snner's MoonApril 10, 2015
Sinner’s Moon

Buy Atlantis

Demons Los Divas by Velvet SixApril 10, 2015
Velvet Six
Demons Los Divas

Buy Demons Los Divas

Prechance to Dream by Gloria ReubenApril 14, 2015
Gloria Reuben
Perchance to Dream

Gloria Reuben website
Buy Perchance to Dream

Telamor 3April 17, 2015
Telemor 3

Buy Telemor 3

Greatest Hits pt1 by Robot RavenApril 25, 2015
Robot Raven
Greatest Hits, Part One

Buy Greatest Hits, Part One

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