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2015 Album Reviews, May-June

Below is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during May and June 2015.

Down In the Dirt by Amanda Fish BandMay 5, 2015
Amanda Fish Band
Down In the Dirt

Amanda Fish Band website
Buy Down In the Dirt

Headful of Change by The Monte VistaMay 9, 2015
The Monte Vista
Headfull of Change

Buy Headfull of Change

Multiverse Collision by Steve KaynanMay 12, 2015
Steve Kaynan
Multiverse Collision

Buy Multiverse Collision

Above the Sweet Tea Line by Jeremy Porter and the Tucos-May 12, 2015
Jeremy Porter and the Tucos
Above the Sweet Tea Line
Review of Above the Sweet Tea Line
The Tucos website
Buy Above the Sweet Tea Line

Shine by Claudia NorrisMay 16, 2015
Claudia Norris
Shine EP

Claudia Norris website
Buy Shine

Second Base by Alpha AttakkMay 20, 2015
Alpha Attakk
Second Base

Buy Second Base

Tomorrows for Those Who Dare by Vile CaliberMay 22, 2015
Vile Caliber
Tomorrow’s For Those Who Dare

Vile Caliber website
Buy The Majesty of Your Becoming

If You're June, I'm November by TeaheadsMay 23, 2015
If You’re June, I’m November

Buy If You’re June, I’m November

Deep Blue by Nick BlackMay 25, 2015
Nick Black
Deep Blue

Nick Black website
Buy Deep Blue

Imaging by Aghast AfterglowMay 26, 2015
Aghast Overflow

Buy Imaging

Enter the Manesj by KongMay 28, 2015
Enter the Manesj EP

Buy Enter the Manesj

Shipwrecked EP by The BlessingsMay 30, 2015
The Blessings
Shipwrecked EP

The Blessings website
Buy Shipwrecked

Hard Time by Lady FlintMay 31, 2015
Lady Flint
Hard Time

Buy Hard Time

Gas Station EP by Broken Jazz SocietyJune 1, 2015
Broken Jazz Society
Gas Station EP

Buy Gas Station

Death By ToasterJune 1, 2015
Death By Toaster
Death By Toaster

Death By Toaster website
Buy Death By Toaster

Wrecked Till Further Notice by Lydia LowJune 2, 2015
Lydia Low
Wrecked Till Further Notice

Buy Wrecked Till Further Notice

Exordium by Oblivious SignalJune 2, 2015
Oblivious Signal

Oblivious Signal website
Buy Exordium

Mother of Illusion by The TrousersJune 2, 2015
The Trousers
Mother of Illusion

Album Review of Mother of Illusion
The Trousers website
Buy Mother of Illusion

New Beginnings EP by Josh RonenJune 4, 2015
Josh Ronen
New Beginnings EP

Josh Ronen website
Buy New Beginnings

A Rainy Week in Paradise by Elessar ThiessenJune 10, 2015
Elessar Thiessen
A Rainy Week In Paradise

Elessar Thiessen website
Buy A Rainy Week In Paradise

Spring EP by Riverland June 5, 2015
Spring EP

Riverland website
Buy Spring

Over Looking Back by Pain Love n War June 6, 2015
Pain Love n’ War
Over Looking Back

Buy Over Looking Back

Anchor by My PoliticJune 23, 2015
My Politic
Video for the song “Heartless”
My Politic website
Buy Anchor

Neon Repairman by Freedy JohnstonJune 25, 2015
Freedy Johnston
Neon Repairman

Freedy Johnston website
Buy Neon Repairman

Pantomania by Betty MoonJune 28, 2015
Betty Moon

Betty Moon website
Buy Pantomania

Bright White Trims by Charlee RemitzJune 30, 2015
Charlee Remitz
Bright White Trims

Charlee Remitz website
Buy Bright White Trims

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