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April 2016 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of April 2016.

Dupont Back Porches by Tom FlanneryApril 1, 2016
Tom Flannery & Bret Alexander
DuPont Back Porches

Tom Flannery website
Buy DuPont Back Porches

Synthetic Forms EP by HorricaneApril 1, 2016
Synthetic Forms EP

Buy Synthetic Forms

Good Luck by LizziesApril 1, 2016
Good Luck

Buy Good Luck

First Blood  by The MuddiesApril 1, 2016
The Muddies
First Blood

Buy First Blood

World War Willie by Willie NileApril 1, 2016
Willie Nile
World War Willie

Willie Nile website
Buy World War Willie

Ursa by NovembreApril 1, 2016

Novembre website
Buy Ursa

Reflection by Small Town TitansApril 1, 2016
Small Town Titans

Small Town Titans website
Buy Reflection

Strays by WomackApril 1, 2016

Buy Strays

Gram EP by ZeitApril 1, 2016
Gram EP

Buy Gram

Ashes Fall EP by Hostile WithinApril 3, 2016
Hostile Within
Ashes Fall EP

Buy Ashes Fall

Like You by Zoe NuttApril 5, 2016
Zoe Nutt
Like You

Zoe Nutt website
Buy Like You

Rain and Laura by WylderApril 8, 2016
Rain and Laura

Wylder website
Buy Rain and Laura

Excelsior by Mad Hatter's DenApril 8, 2016
Mad Hatter’s Den

Mad Hatter’s Den website
Buy Excelsior

Heart of Stone by BlameshiftApril 12, 2016
Heart of Stone EP

Buy Heart of Stone

An Oath to the Void by AstropathApril 15, 2016
An Oath to the Void

Buy An Oath to the Void

You'll Pay for This by Bear HandsApril 15, 2016
Bear Hands
You’ll Pay for This

Buy You’ll Pay for This

In Your Face Again by Doll SkinApril 15, 2016
Doll Skin
In Your Face (Again) EP

Doll Skin website
Buy In Your Face (Again)

Crust by ExcruciationApril 15, 2016

Excruciation website
Buy Crust

Into the Sun EP by InbokehApril 15, 2016
Into the Sun

Buy Into the Sun

Prophecy by Inner BlastApril 15, 2016
Inner Blast

Buy Prophecy

Perplexagon by KebuApril 15, 2016

Kebu website
Buy Perplexagon

Fifteen Minutes of Pain by NightmenApril 15, 2016
Fifteen Minutes of Pain

Buy Fifteen Minutes of Pain

Gleaming by Steve SalterApril 15, 2016
Steve Salter

Steve Salter website
Buy Gleaming

Things to Come by Slammin ThruApril 15, 2016
Slammin’ Thru
Things to Come

Buy Things to Come

Light Footed Hours EP by Blue ApolloApril 18, 2016
Blue Apollo
Light Footed Hours EP

Buy Light Footed Hours

Seven Stories by ThayKhayApril 18, 2016
Seven Stories

Thaykhay website
Buy Seven Stories

Home by Blue OctoberApril 22, 2016
Blue October

Buy Home

Disappearing in Airports by CandleboxApril 22, 2016
Disappearing in Airports

Disappearing in Airports album review
Candlebox website
Buy Disappearing in Airports

2020 Vision by Natalie EstesApril 22, 2016
Nataie Estes
20/20 Vision

Nataie Estes website
Buy 20/20 Vision

Apparitions by Funk YouApril 22, 2016
Funk You

Choice 5, June 2017
Funk You website
Buy Apparitions

The Prelude EP by Media SolutionApril 22, 2016
Media Solution
The Prelude

Media Solution website
Buy The Prelude

Telescopes EP by Pale Blue DotApril 22, 2016
Pale Blue Dot
Telescopes EP

Buy Telescopes

Van DamselApril 22, 2016
Van Damsel
Van Damsel

Van Damsel website
Buy Van Damsel

Love Sick Radio EP by Austin John WinklerApril 22, 2016
Austin John Winkler
Love Sick Radio EP

Choice 5, August 2016
Buy Love Sick Radio

When We Were Young by The EnergyApril 23, 2016
The Energy
When We Were Young

Choice 5, July 2016
The Energy website
Buy When We Were Young

Quarter Century by Secret Arcade April 26, 2016
Secret Arcade
Quarter Century

Buy Quarter Century

Red Pigs by DAApril 29, 2016
Red Pigs

Buy Red Pigs

Till Karma Forgets by Dead Mans HandApril 29, 2016
Dead Man’s Hand
Till Karma Forgets

Buy Till Karma Forgets

Whatever that Means by Ramonda HammerApril 29, 2016
Ramonda Hammer
Whatever That Means

Ramonda Hammer website
Buy Whatever That Means

Color Echo EP by The Invisible WorldApril 29, 2016
The Invisible World
Color / Echo EP

Buy Color / Echo

Midnight EternalApril 29, 2016
Midnight Eternal
Midnight Eternal

Midnight Eternal website
Buy Midnight Eternal

Beyond the Walls of Death by RaveniaApril 29, 2016
Beyond the Walls of Death

Buy Beyond the Walls of Death

Drifter by Se DelanApril 29, 2016
Se Delan

Buy Drifter

The Jaguar Priest by Universal Mind ProjectApril 29, 2016
Universal Mind Project
The Jaguar Priest

Buy The Jaguar Priest

End of the Times by The CorridorsApril 30, 2016
The Corridors
End of the Times

Buy End of the Times

Dreamer by Heavy SkyApril 30, 2016
Heavy Sky

Heavy Sky website
Buy Dreamer


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