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October 10, 2010
by Ric Albano

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The Complete Story
October 10, 2010

Modern Rock Review has put together a comprehensive profile of the Badlees that tells their story from the very beginning right up until the present day. We have put together a main, historical narrative and tangential articles that expand upon the stories behind the story, by researching over eighty published articles and conducting interviews with band members, management, and others to get various perspectives of the Badlees history.

4 thoughts on “Badlees Profile Comments

  • Peter Christianson

    I’ve waited along time for someone to put together a full story on this band. Thank you vary much, and good luck with this excellent new site.

  • This was sooooo long, but soooooo worth reading! I used to go watch these guys play back in the day at a place in Dunmore, PA. Those were the days! You should write something about Harpo, or The Sharks…remember The Sharks? Now I’m really trippin’ down memory lane!

  • Good article, although I’d make a few corrections (sent a few to you). Still….this is the most complete one I’ve read to date. Good job. Oh and….I have more pix….BOY, do I have more pix….hahaha!

  • eric christian

    Great article….never knew the whole story on things. I’ve seen just about every show this year and they have been great. They all seem to be having a good time on stage. I’m sorry that they never achieved the superstar status…but given the quality of the new music i guess we can say never say never….. Anyway, all of us in PA love the Badlees and will follow them around this state…as long as gas prices dont hit $5 a gallon again. Kudos to the Badlees for being approachable and always appreciating their fans. This has been a special year and I look forward to the upcoming shows and albums. And, yes the Mauch Chunk show was awesome.

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