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September 2016 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of September 2016.

Let It Rain EP by Unconscious DisturbanceSeptember 1, 2016
Unconscious Disturbance
Let It Rain EP
Music video of “Eye to Eye”
Unconscious Disturbance website
Buy Let It Rain

Nevermore EP by Art of DyingSeptember 2, 2016
Art of Dying
Nevermore EP

Buy Nevermore

Southern Comfort Sessions by Carolina GoldSeptember 2, 2016
Carolina Gold
Southern Comfort Sessions EP

Carolina Gold website
Buy Southern Comfort Sessions

Black Licorice EP by Charlie and the RaySeptember 2, 2016
Charlie and the Rays
Black Licorice EP

Charlie and the Rays website
Buy Black Licorice

Disconnected EP by RavinerSeptember 2, 2016
Disconnected EP

Buy Disconnected

Shine Through by StrangeDazeSeptember 2, 2016
Strange Daze
Shine Through

Buy Shine Through

In Case You Just Tuned In by White Label AnalogSeptember 2, 2016
White Label Analog
In Case You Just Tuned In
White Label Analog website
Buy In Case You Just Tuned In

Spacegod Pills by The DrugglesSeptember 4, 2016
The Druggles
Spacegod Pills

Buy Spacegod Pills

Blue HealerSeptember 9, 2016
Blue Healer
Blue Healer
Blue Healer website
Buy Blue Healer

The Blue PoetsSeptember 9, 2016
The Blue Poets
The Blue Poets
The Blue Poets website
Buy The Blue Poets

The Head and the HeartSeptember 9, 2016
The Head and the Heart
Signs of Light
The Head and the Heart website
Buy Signs of Light

Artifacts by Adriana LehrSeptember 9, 2016
Andriana Lehr
Andriana Lehr website
Buy Artifacts

Scintilla by No SoundSeptember 9, 2016
No Sound

Buy Scintella

Declaration of War by Quake the EarthSeptember 9, 2016
Quake the Earth
Declaration of War

Buy Declaration of War

Promised Land by Smokey Fingers September 9, 2016
Smokey Fingers
Promised Land

Buy Promised Land

Alive at Last in PhiladelphiaSeptember 9, 2016
James Lee Stanley
Alive at Last in Philadelphia
James Lee Stanley website
Buy Alive at Last in Philadelphia

From the Very Start by Zachary BiggusSeptember 12, 2016
Zachary Biggus
From the Very Start
Zachary Biggus website
Buy From the Very Start

Second Hand War by Thomas Charlie PedersenSeptember 12, 2016
Thomas Charlie Pedersen
Second Hand War

Buy Second Hand War

The Inception EP by OddhumsSeptember 13, 2016
The Inception EP

Buy The Inception

Passage by MoannaSeptember 15, 2016

Buy Passage

Are You Real? by Beware of DarknessSeptember 16, 2016
Beware of Darkness
Are You Real?

Buy Are You Real?

We're All Gonna Die by DawesSeptember 16, 2016
We’re All Gonna Die
Dawes website
Buy We’re All Gonna Die

Different Universe by Guitar ForceSeptember 16, 2016
Guitar Force
Different Universe
Guitar Force website
Buy Different Universe

Battlefield by Jeff RubySeptember 16, 2016
Jeff Ruby
Battlefield EP

Choice 5 for March 2017
Jeff Ruby website
Buy Battlefield

Honey by Erica RussoSeptember 16, 2016
Erica Russo
Erica Russo website
Buy Honey

LA Don't Love You EP by GritSeptember 23, 2016
LA Don’t Love You EP
Grit website
Buy LA Don’t Love You

A Distant Light EP by Burak OzmucurSeptember 24, 2016
Burak Ozmucur
A Distant Light EP

Buy A Distant Light

Extreme Outbreak by SharkSeptember 26, 2016
Extreme Outbreak

Shark website

Proximity Effect EP by Colin OnderdonkSeptember 27, 2016
Colin Onderdonk
Proximity Effect EP

Buy Proximity Effect

OC-DC by Saint RochSeptember 27, 2016
Saint Roch


Timeless Soul EP by Jeremy Poland and Lantz DaleSeptember 29, 2016
Jeremy Poland & Lantz Dale
Timeless Soul

Choice 5 for February 2018
Jeremy Poland website
Buy Timeless Soul

DecivilizeSeptember 30, 2016

Buy Decivilize

Into the FireSeptember 30, 2016
Into the Fire
Into the Fire

Into the Fire website

SkywardSeptember 30, 2016

Buy Skyward

Eyes Alive by Turbid NorthSeptember 30, 2016
Turbid North
Eyes Alive

Buy Eyes Alive

Blue Mountain by Bob WeirSeptember 30, 2016
Bob Weir
Blue Mountain
Bob Weir website
Buy Blue Mountain

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