Mycenea Worley

Mycenea Worley is a singer/songwriter who regularly plays clubs, festivals, and benefits throughout central Pennsylvania. Her performances usually feature a nice blend of original songs, popular covers, and covers done with her unique arrangement, and always feature her enthusiastic smile, friendly demeanor, and outgoing personality. “A sense of humor and a big smile go a long way,” she says, citing a series of gigs she booked a few years back in a club that did not quite fit her genre of music. “Those gigs helped me to realize the importance of interacting with the crowd because even if people don’t like the particular song I’m playing at the moment I know that they’re a lot less likely to throw things at me if they see me as a human being.”

Mycenea's 2009 EP, Love

The music itself slightly deviates from this upbeat and outgoing persona, heartfelt and slightly darker with a folk rock edge, Mycenea released her debut, five-song EP titled Love in 2009. Produced by Bret Alexander and featuring many of his signature overtones, the EP is an enjoyable showcase of Mycenea’s songwriting talent and range. Material for a follow-up album has been written and rehearsed and is due to be recorded in the coming year.

With her career in a solid, steady incline at present and a future that looks bright, her perspective on the music itself has evolved much as she has become a more seasoned artist. When she first started performing, she felt that the only true measure of success was being on a popular national video and that if she didn’t achieve that within the first few years then her career would be a failure. Now she has a great appreciation for music performed on the small scale, locally. “Now I know, without a doubt, that some of the best music ever made is going on right now – in little towns with people who love to get together and talk to each other in that language. I’ve never gotten chills listening to Lady Ga Ga or Justin Beiber but, I’ll tell you, I’ve had tears in my eyes and chills on my arms in little bars in Marysville and Harrisburg and Lancaster. That’s music. That’s real.”