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May 2017 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of May 2017.

United Ubiquity of Flesh_150 by Salim Ghazi SaeediMay 1, 2017
Salim Ghazi Saeedi
United Ubiquity of Flesh

Salim Ghazi Saeedi website
Buy United Ubiquity of Flesh

Pollinator by BlondieMay 5, 2017

Blondie website
Buy Pollinator

Love n' Suicide by Paul HayworthMay 5, 2017
Paul Hayworth
Love n’ Suicide

Buy Love n’ Suicide

Nighon by The SommeMay 5, 2017
The Somme

Nighon website
Buy The Somme

Shakespeares and Waterfalls by The OHOMay 5, 2017
The Oho
Shakespeares and Waterfalls

The Oho website
Buy Shakespeares and Waterfalls

Steel Dust by Rebel BeatMay 5, 2017
Rebel Beat
Steel Dust

Rebel Beat website
Buy Steel Dust

May 7, 2017
Tapestry of Shadows

Humphrey-McKeown website
Buy Tapestry of Shadows

Gravity EP by Julia McDonaldMay 9, 2017
Julia McDonald
Gravitys EP

Julia McDonald website
Buy Gravity

The End Is Nigh by Apocalypse OrchestraMay 12, 2017
Apocalypse Orchestra
The End is Nigh

Apocalypse Orchestra website
Buy The End is Nigh

Welcome Home  by Zac Brown BandMay 12, 2017
Zac Brown Band
Welcome Home

Zac Brown Band website
Buy Welcome Home

Vision Wallows In Symphonies of Light  by Ingurgitating OblivionMay 12, 2017
Ingurgitating Oblivion
Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light

Ingurgitating Oblivion website
Buy Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light

Leos Consume by The OnesieMay 12, 2017
The Onesie
Leos Consume

Buy Leos Consume

Superhuman EP by Blacklist RegularsMay 13, 2017
Blacklist Regulars
Superhuman EP

Blacklist Regulars website
Buy Superhuman

Samantha Leon EPMay 15, 2017
Samantha Leon
Samantha Leon EP

Samantha Leon website
Buy Samantha Leon

Invincable by Andrew BossMay 19, 2017
Andrew Boss

Buy Invincible

Bad Old World  by Honey WestMay 19, 2017
Honey West
Bad Old World

Honey West website
Buy Bad Old World

Experience by KaleidoMay 19, 2017

Kaleido website
Buy Experience

Soulfire by Little StevenMay 19, 2017
Little Steven

Little Steven van Zandt website
Buy Soulfire

Crooked Teeth by Papa RoachMay 19, 2017
Papa Roach
Crooked Teeth

Papa Roach website
Buy Crooked Teeth

Manic Revelations by Pokey LafargeMay 19, 2017
Pokey LaFarge
Manic Revelations

Pokey Laforge website
Buy Manic Revelations

The Ship Is Still Waiting EP by Aleksi SusiMay 24, 2017
Aleksi Susi
That Ship is Still Waiting EP

Buy That Ship is Still Waiting

Black by Angry TalentMay 25, 2017
Angry Talent

Angry Talent website
Buy Black

Old Dog New Tricks by FlearoyMay 26, 2017
Old Dog, New Tricks

Buy Old Dog, New Tricks

The Madcap Rising by The MadcapMay 26, 2017
The Madcap
The Madcap Rising

The Madcap website
Buy The Madcap Rising

Black of Heart by SareaMay 26, 2017
Black at Heart

Sarea website
Buy Black at Heart

Stonehymn by Wind RoseMay 26, 2017
Wind Rose

Wind Rose website
Buy Stonehymn

Long Shot by Meaghan FarrellMay 31, 2017
Meaghan Farell
Long Shot EP
Choice 5 for March 2018
Meaghan Farell website
Buy Long Shot

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