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April 2017 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of April 2017.

Dangerous Dreams by DickApril 1, 2017
Dangerous Dreams

Buy Dangerous Dreams

The Creeps Are Back In Town by Nervouse GermansApril 1, 2017
Nervous Germans
The Creeps Are Back in Town EP

Nervous Germans website
Buy The Creeps Are Back in Town

Buenos DiazApril 5, 2017
Buenos Diaz
Buenos Diaz

Buenos Diaz website
Buy Buenos Diaz

Bailenas by Roland BuhlmannApril 5, 2017
Roland Buhlmann

Buy Bailenas

Live in New York 1970 by Paul ButterfieldApril 7, 2017
Paul Butterfield
Live in New York 1970

Buy Live in New York 1970

Once Upon a Time in South America by Emerson Lake and PalmerApril 7, 2017
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Once Upon a Time in South America

Emerson Lake and Palmer website
Buy Once Upon a Time in South America

Home Alonely EP by OK AlrightApril 7, 2017
OK, Alright
Home Alonely EP

Choice 5 for May 2017
Buy Home Alonely

Life Love Flesh Blood by Imelda MayApril 7, 2017
Imelda May
Live Love Flesh Blood

Imelda May website
Buy Live Love Flesh Blood

Second to None by SpitefuelApril 7, 2017
Second to None

Buy Second to None

Easy by The WeeksApril 7, 2017
The Weeks

The Weeks website
Buy Easy

The World We Built by The Wild ReedsApril 7, 2017
The Wild Reeds
The World We Built

Choice 5 for May 2017
The Wild Reed website
Buy The World We Built

Beneath the Surface by AnchoredApril 14, 2017
Beneath the Surface

Choice 5 for January 2018
Buy Beneath the Surface

Defcon Zero by CorrodedApril 14, 2017
Defcon Zero

Buy Defcon Zero

Musings by Ron HamrickApril 14, 2017
Ron Hamrick

Ron Hamrick website
Buy Musings

Midwest Voltage EPApril 14, 2017
Midwest Voltage
Midwest Voltage EP

Buy Midwest Voltage

DNAR by Never TrainApril 14, 2017
Never Train


Silence Is More Musical by Hedonistic NoiseApril 15, 2017
Hedonistic Noise
Silence Is More Musical

Buy Silence Is More Musical

Americana by Ray DaviesApril 21, 2017
Ray Davies

Ray Davies website
Buy Americana

High Water by JunkyardApril 21, 2017
High Water

Buy High Water

Misery EP by Nine ShrinesApril 21, 2017
Nine Shrines
Misery EP

Buy Misery

Ex Nihlo  by Your Chance to DieApril 21, 2017
Your Chance to Die
Ex Nihlo

Buy Ex Nihlo

Return to VoidApril 26, 2017
Return to Void
Return to Void

Return to Void website
Buy Return to Void

The Last Real Rock n Roll by Rhino BucketApril 26, 2017
Rhino Bucket
The Last Real Rock n’ Roll

Buy The Last Real Rock n’ Roll

The Source by AyreonApril 28, 2017
The Source

Buy The Source

Myths and Mold  by Chris BartelsApril 28, 2017
Chris Bartels
Myths and Mold EP

Buy Myths and Mold

Smoke Behind the Clouds by The Bucking MulesApril 28, 2017
The Bucking Mules
Smoke Behind the Clouds

Buy Smoke Behind the Clouds

The Howlin Souls EPApril 28, 2017
The Howlin’ Souls
The Howlin’ Souls EP

The Howlin’ Souls website
Buy The Howlin’ Souls

14 Steps to Harlem by Garland JefferiesApril 28, 2017
Garland Jefferies
14 Steps to Harlem

Buy 14 Steps to Harlem

1932 EP by Davy KnowlesApril 28, 2017
Davy Knowles
1932 EP

Davy Knowles website
Buy 1932

Devotion Lost by MammothorApril 28, 2017
Devotion Lost

Mammothor website
Buy Devotion Lost

Sad Clowns and Hillbillies by John MellencampApril 28, 2017
John Mellencamp
Sad Clowns and Hillbillies

John Mellencamp website
Buy Sad Clowns and Hillbillies

Message from SylviaApril 28, 2017
Message from Sylvia
Message from Sylvia

Message from Sylvia website
Buy Message from Sylvia

Life On Stand By by My Own GhostApril 28, 2017
My Own Ghost
Life On Stand By

My Own Ghost website
Buy Life On Stand By

Contingent by PyramazeApril 28, 2017

Pyramaze website
Buy Contingent

Follow Me by Liv SinApril 28, 2017
Liv Sin
Follow Me

Buy Follow Me

I Wont Die by The UnitApril 28, 2017
The Unit
I Wont Die

Buy I Wont Die

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