The Journey Begins on 10/10/10

September 2, 2010
by Modern Rock Review

The mission of Modern Rock Review is to provide an online resource with honest, in-depth articles about talented and influential artists, past and present, and from the perspective of not only our writers but also critical music listeners and artists themselves. This site will build off and expand from the foundation of work published by DAMES of Pa in 2009 and 2010.

The first profile on this new site will feature, for the first time anywhere, a complete and comprehensive look at the decades-long journey of The Badlees, a legendary Pennsylvania rock band. This profile will be published on 10/10/10 with the official launch of Modern Rock Review, on what (coincidentally) happens to be the 20th anniversary of The Badlees first release as a band, the EP It Ain’t For You, on October 10, 1990. The profile will consist of a main, narrative article along with several shorter “sidebar” articles that will each focus on tangential, related subjects. It will all be compiled from over 80 published articles and interviews over the past 22 years, as well as new input from each member of the band and others who played a part in The Badlees journey.


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  • Mom says its 10/10/10 not be that again 4 a 100 years. Pofffff who cares…. Yeah a lot of people have plans to spend the special 10.10.10 tomorrow. Me? I think it’s going to be a regular sunday.

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