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June 2016 Album Releases

Here is Modern Rock Review’s featured list of albums and EPs released during the month of June 2016.

Empires by Faithless TownJune 2, 2016
Faithless Town

Buy Empires

Apollo Under FireJune 3, 2016
Apollo Under Fire
Apollo Under Fire

Apollo Under Fire website
Buy Apollo Under Fire

The Family by Joseph ArthurJune 3, 2016
Joseph Arthur
The Family

Joseph Arthur website
Buy The Family

Red Clay Soul by Tinsey EllisJune 3, 2016
Tinsey Ellis
Red Clay Soul

Tinsey Ellis website
Buy Red Clay Soul

Tracing Shapes by Josh FlaggJune 3, 2016
Josh Flagg
Tracing Shapes

Josh Flagg website
Buy Tracing Shapes

Breaking the Script by The NovelistsJune 3, 2016
The Novelists
Breaking the Script

Buy Breaking the Script

The Songs by Jim PeterikJune 3, 2016
Jim Peterik
The Songs

Jim Peterik website
Buy The Songs

Stranger to Stranger to Paul SimonJune 3, 2016
Paul Simon
Stranger to Stranger

Paul Simon website
Buy Stranger to Stranger

Save the Fallen EP by HeadzeroJune 5, 2016
Save the Fallen EP

Headzero website
Buy Save the Fallen

Regret Is for the Dead by Words That BurnJune 6, 2016
Words That Burn
Regret Is For the Dead

Buy Regret Is For the Dead

Miss Scarlett and the Madmen by Danielle FrenchJune 7, 2016
Daniel French
Miss Scarlett and the Madmen

Buy Miss Scarlett and the Madmen

The Sunsettlers Motel by ShadowdreamJune 7, 2016
The Sunsettler’s Motel

Buy The Sunsettler’s Motel

Disconnected by AirbagJune 10, 2016

Airbag website
Buy Disconnected

Alien Architect by Another Lost YearJune 10, 2016
Another Lost Year
Alien Architect

Another Lost Year website
Buy Alien Architect

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight by AltaminaJune 10, 2016
Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight

Buy Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight

Illuminator by Cage9June 10, 2016
Cage 9

Cage 9 website
Buy Illuminator

Break the Chain by Know Your NemesisJune 10, 2016
Know Your Nemesis
Break the Chain

Buy Break the Chain

Awake by Moving StructuresJune 10, 2016
Moving Structures

Buy Awake

Streetlights by Porcelein PeopleJune 10, 2016
Porcelein People

Buy Streetlights

Beautiful Surround by Red BeltJune 10, 2016
Red Belt
Beautiful Surround

Red Belt website
Buy Beautiful Surround

My Hysteria EP by SpinJune 10, 2016
My Hysteria EP

Spin website
Buy My Hysteria

Wild Waves by SilverbonesJune 15, 2016
Wild Waves

Buy Wild Waves

Break Open the Head by Suit of LightsJune 16, 2016
Suit of Lights
Break Open the Head

Suit of Lights website
Buy Break Open the Head

What Will Be Left by DisclarityJune 17, 2016
What Will Be Left? EP

Buy What Will Be Left?

The Second Three EP by The Heroic EnthusiastsJune 17, 2016
The Heroic Enthusiasts
The Second Three EP

The Heroic Enthusiasts website
Buy The Second Three

It Is What It Is by Jimmy Duck HolmesJune 17, 2016
Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
It Is What It Is

Buy It Is What It Is

War Path by SinemaJune 17, 2016
War Path

Sinema website
Buy War Path

Night an Day EP by The SlangJune 17, 2016
The Slang
Night and Day EP

Buy Night and Day

Finally Home EP by Sunset HarbingerJune 17, 2016
Sunset Harbinger
Finally Home EP

Buy Finally Home

All For Loving You by Alexis P SuterJune 17, 2016
Alexis P. Suter
All For Loving You

Alexis P. Suter website
Buy All For Loving You

Alive in Amsterdam by Walter TroutJune 17, 2016
Walter Trout
Alive in Amsterdam

Walter Trout website
Buy Alive in Amsterdam

Lust in the Modern World by Death Valley DreamsJune 20, 2016
Death Valley Dreams
Lust In the Modern World

Death Valley Dreams website
Buy Lust In the Modern World

Murtsgod EP by DogstrumJune 21, 2016
Murtsgod EP

Buy Murtsgod

Radiate-Dissolve by Rogue ValleyJune 21, 2016
Rogue Valley
Radiate / Dissolve

Buy Radiate / Dissolve

Spitballin by Stewart LindseyJune 23, 2016
Stewart Lindsey

Stewart Lindsey website
Buy Spitballin’

So We Live So We Die by A Boy Named JohnJune 23, 2016
A Boy Named John
So We Live So We Die

A Boy Named John website
Buy So We Live So We Die

Songs from the Haunted South by Old FireJune 24, 2016
Old Fire
Songs From the Haunted South

Old Fire website
Buy Songs From the Haunted South

Dualism by Majesty of RevivalJune 25, 2016
Majesty of Revival

Buy Dualism

Terrible Things by The Orphan the PoetJune 26, 2016
The Orphan The Poet
Terrible Things EP

The Orphan The Poet website
Buy Terrible Things

Sex Was Gold by Matthew StewartJune 26, 2016
Matthew Stewart
Sex Was Gold EP

Matthew Stewart website
Buy Sex Was Gold

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